Blog Post #6: Reflection

Inquiry Question: What Happens In The Mind Of A Serial Killer

 1.What challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry project? How did you go about overcoming these challenges?

A challenge that had to be overcome was researching my topic and deadlines. I didn’t like using the same sites that I used for my other blog posts. Which made it a bit harder to find some sites that may help me. I tried to use EBSCO, but they didn’t have anything that would help me with my research. Instead, I decided to take a thorough look at Google. I was also given multiple sites by those who commented on my posts. The deadline was the second hardest thing for me to overcome. I noticed that it was harder to remember that I had an assignment due on the blog post because I got used to handing assignments that are due on teams which I look at every day. Even with the posting reminders, it didn’t really help me. So, I decided to download this app called Notion that helps me organize all the assignments that I received in all my classes. Which helped me a lot so far and I check it every day giving myself a reminder with all my assignments and deadlines.

 2.How did this inquiry change the way you think?

This inquiry project changed my mind about serial killers. I started to feel a bad for them because they became a serial killer due to their living environment. Their parents had activated their warrior genes which can create a serial killer due to all the abuse they received. It’s also scary how someone can become a serial killer due to a trauma they went through. I also found that everyone has a bit of a trait of a serial killer, or they just have mild symptoms. It also started to make me wonder that anybody could have the warrior genes all they need is someone or something to activate it and they could potentially become a serial killer. With this thought it started to make me think about how you must be kind to everyone because you wouldn’t know what would happen if you did activate it.

3.How did this investigation impact your future decisions?

It started to make me wonder if I want to become a psychologist since I’m going towards the medical industry because it was interesting to learn about traits and how people are affected with these types of personality disorders. As I said in the other question, it started to open my eyes and I started to worry if I would start to activate someone’s warrior genes. Which made me want to become even nicer to those around me so there is no possibility for me to create a traumatic memory for anyone. I started to think when I should talk and when I shouldn’t.  

4.What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?

I think that this investigation would help others open their eyes and understand why people who were normal became a serial killer instantly. Either by the warrior genes being activated or a very traumatic past that they went through. I found that learning about this would start to make you think about serial killers and why they would murder innocent people. Which would answer your question on why people would become a serial killer. You would start to feel bad for them since their parents are the main reasons why their own child would become like that. It helped me open my eyes and more and I wouldn’t want to do anything to my child at all even if it is something bad because you’re setting them off on the wrong foot.

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