Blog #6: Reflection

The challenge I faced throughout my inquiry project was to make sure that all my questions were answered clearly and in detail. For example, for my second question about how e-waste endanger animals, humans, and the environment, I also wanted to find out if it affect children, teenagers, adults, and seniors differently. However, I soon realized that there were barely any information on how e-waste effect people of various ages. To overcome this problem, I had to reword my question in multiple ways in order to dig a little bit of information from different sources. Eventually, I was able to receive a brief answer to this question. To finalize this answer, I also had to make some connections and conclusions myself, which was not easy considering how little information I had.

Prior to this project, I only knew that e-waste is an issue people are starting to become more aware of. Through researching and completing this inquiry topic, I now have a thorough understanding of what e-waste is, how it affects the world, and what we can do to alleviate this issue. Obtaining the new knowledge, I now understand that everything we have, create, and use is connected to nature. Living in nature ourselves, it is important that we are aware of our environment, as it is the basis for all living organisms. Our lives will only get better if we maintain nature safe and healthy.

My future decisions will now change as I am more aware of the electronic products around me and understand the impacts it brings to the world. For example, now I will be putting more effort into organizing my electronic products. Namely, I can organize my USBs so that I don’t have to buy a new one and find the old one a couple weeks later. Also, I will be aware of looking for an environmentally friendly label when purchasing new products. Moreover, I now know more about how to recycle e-wastes under different circumstances, and by following the procedures, I will be able to do my share in alleviating this issue.

Finally, this investigation is small and may not bring any changes globally, but it is doing its share of educating others. This project allowed me to educate myself, and those who have read my blogs. By educating ourselves, we can then spread the word to others, and the others can educate their family and friends, and so on. When more people are aware of this issue, more people will be able to take actions. When most people are willing to take a step, we have achieved a milestone in alleviating e-waste.

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