Blog Post #6 – Story Project – Reflection

  1. What challenges did you overcome throughout your story project? How did you go about
    overcoming these challenges?

One of the hardest challenges for my story project was actually coming up with an idea for what my story should be about. I knew I wanted to do a story project, but coming up with a great story topic that will interest others was rather difficult for me. I overcame this challenge one day when I suddenly had an impulse to write about my own life. I wanted to write about me and the things I was experiencing in my life without actually writing about me. Therefore, I came up with the name “Delilah” for the main character and changed some minor details that differentiates her life from mine to make it more enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

2. How did your story change the way you think?

My story changed the way I think in a variety of different ways. First of all, through all the research I did to make my story as real as possible, I have learned all about the ways to audition for a role in a movie or show and all about casting agents and what they can do to help an actor. I think now that I have become a little more experienced in the acting world, it will be easier for me to actually begin my career as an actress in the future. I also think writing out my life in a story format will give me a general idea of what I should improve in when I read my story back to me. I think it is beneficial for me to know this so I can become a better person altogether.

3. How did your story impact your future decisions?

As I was writing my story, I noticed a couple of things. One thing was that I realized since Delilah was based on me, all the bad things she has done are similar to the bad things I have done, like not doing my homework or time or not submitting anything at all. I realize this is not a good habit and I plan to change in the future. Another thing I noticed was that since it is both Delilah and my dream to become a famous Hollywood actress, we are both not communicating to anybody about this dream of ours. How is anybody supposed to know and help us if we don’t tell anyone? I think it will be better if we at least told our (hopefully supportive) family members and be one step closer to achieving our dream.

4. What impact will your story have on others locally and/or globally?

I really hope my story will make a huge impact on young readers who are going through similar things as Delilah went through. I know going from middle school to high school can be tough for many students, just as it was for me, and like Delilah, many young teenagers have dreams or goals they want to achieve in life. However, not everyone thinks theirs is possible as people in their lives are unsupportive and discouraging. I totally understand and encourage everyone to keep going and push through no matter what because if people couldn’t bother to care about you and your future, you are much better off without them.

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