Blog Post #6: Reflection – What Affects Emotional Quotient?

What Affects Emotional Quotient?

1. Address the following questions:

a. What challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry project? How did you go about overcoming these challenges?

I had to overcome a couple of challenges throughout this inquiry project, but one that stuck with me the most was being orderly and neat. I realized that I never included subtitles and highlighted important words, so I decided to attempt these tricks. After that, I felt shocked by how well that worked, and I have been using this technique ever since. Also, I found that there was a lack of images that popped up on the internet. I wondered why this was happening, and I checked my earlier posts, only to notice that I was using the same keywords to search for the pictures. I then decided to fix this problem by using a thesaurus, and it helped me find various types of images much easier.

b. How did this inquiry change the way you think?

This inquiry changed the way I thought by introducing new information about emotional quotient and by showing me how to have a stable intelligence quotient. This includes learning new methods to deal with stress-inducing emotions like anger and fear, new methods of journaling, thinking before speaking, and taking deep breathes to help soothe the mind when I am stressed.

c. How did this investigation impact your future decisions?

This investigation impacted my future decisions by educating me about how others may feel when you speak to them in a certain way. Therefore, I might try relaxing techniques when I am stressed or feeling upset, by journaling experiences or emotions down, I might be further aware of

how others feel and react to certain situations, by using empathy as much as possible to understand others’ emotions better, and I might help others more often, just so that I can spread positivity to other people which can hopefully contribute into affecting larger communities.

d. What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?

I hope that this investigation will aid to teach others how important emotional quotient and intelligence quotient are to human society. Also, I hope that. my posts will spread awareness on how mental health is equally as important as physical health. In my opinion, this is a true statement because of mental disorders. If someone can be so negatively affected by mental disorders that they consider harming themselves physically, then mental health should be very important. Also, my posts can guide other people and educate them on how to achieve a sustainable emotional quotient level, which is important because it affects how you act and think, through emotions, and it can teach people how emotional quotient affect us, as human beings.

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