About me

Hey Social responsibility! My name is Tiffany Yao, and this is my first year at Charles best! In this About me post, I will be sharing my hobbies, interests, and many other facts about myself! Without further ado, let’s proceed:)

About me:
One thing about me that may surprise most people is that I used to own 12 cats! However, that only lasted for 2 months and I gave 9 of them away. I also have a loving and strict sister, who’s 10 years older than me. She’s like a 2nd mum for me, always there to help me with anything. Saying I’m not a morning person is an understatement, as I tend to get cranky when I wake up early. I consider myself an outgoing person, who has lots to say about the weather to strangers.

My hobbies, interests, and other facts about me:
3 things I’d like to be known for are that I’m a book reader, music lover, and a competitive swimmer! I’m particularly interested in most psychology-related books, I love listening to most pop/classical music, and I started swimming ever since I was 3 and join a competitive swim team 2 years ago! Playing my instruments, writing songs, and playing badminton are also the hobbies I swear my happiness by. I currently play the ukulele, clarinet, and I’m learning to play the viola, piano, and guitar. While learning instruments at home may seem like a fun thing to do, it does require lots of time + effort; the results are worth it though:)

Tiffany Yao

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