Blog Post 5

1.) Where are you with your action? (e.g. what involvement have you had so far? Describe with examples)

Our main goal from the start was to complete at least 5 cleanups being in different local areas. I am proud to say that my group and I have already passed the halfway mark. We have done 3 cleanups so far and have many more planned. So far, we cleaned up 2 different areas of Mundy Park and Glen eagle community park. The most recent location we cleaned up was Mundy Park. I would say that it was a pretty successful fay. We were out for an hour and a half and managed to pick up a lot of garbage. However, we did come across a few obstacles along the way, but we managed to overcome them.

2.) What are some successes that you have had? Provide specific examples.

I would say our biggest success was the amount of garbage we were able to pick up in the limited time we had. Our goal was always to pick up 50 pieces of garbage. We did not care about the size, as that did not lead us to a lot of success. After counting all the pieces we picked up, we got 62. This was not as successful as our last cleanup because we managed to get 97 pieces last time. I think the reason for this is because it snowed a lot overnight and when we were scheduled to do a clean up there was still a lot of snow. It was significantly more challenging to find garbage just because it was hidden under the snow and we had to really look closely to find it, however, we still managed to go passed our goal and find many pieces of garbage.

3.) What are some challenges that you have faced? Have you been able to overcome them? If so, how? Provide specific examples. If not, can you problem-solve some ideas that might work for next time or if a similar situation arises? Again, provide specific examples.

I would say the biggest challenges we faced during this cleanup was all the snow covering all the garbage. Mundy park, which was the park we decided to do our cleanup in was entirely covered in snow. Although it was very difficult for us to spot the pieces of garbage, we managed to overcome. Another challenge we faced was when one of the members of our group slipped on the snow and fell. In the end, we managed to overcome all of the challenges and had a pretty successful clean up.

4.) What are you doing next and why?

What my group and I are planning to do next is to do at least one cleanup during the break. We decided to do only one cleanup because we all have our personal lives and it will be difficult to do it more than once. We are hoping that by the end of this semester, we will have completed 5 cleanups in different locations. I think that we have already made an impact on our community and we will continue to do so. My group and I get along so well which is super important. We always enjoy spending time together while doing these cleanups because not only are we making a positive change within our community but also catching up on each others lives since we are always super busy. I hope we continue to do these small cleanups and continue to make an impact on our community.


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  1. Wow! It’s incredible how you guys managed to find 62 pieces of garbage in the snow. It must have been very difficult walking on hard ice, but you guys still dealt through the cold weather without giving up, and that’s awesome! I’m very glad you guys came up with this idea of garbage picking, it really does make a huge impact on our planet! It was interesting keeping up with your guy’s progress, would love to join in your next cleanup if you guys consider doing one again:)

    Tiffany Yao

  2. that is so awesome, i cant imagine how hard it must have been to pick up garbage in the snow, what kind of tools did u use? im glad to hear that one of the places that u chose was mundy, i walk my dogs there all the time and its usually full of garbage.

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