Action Blog Post #5

1.) So far, my partner and I are discussing possible dates with Kristi to help the homeless as part of our action project. We were supposed to go make care packages to distribute during the holiday, but due to our hectic schedules, we were unable to complete that plan. However, my partner and I are attempting to put that plan into action during this December break. Also, my partner’s mother, who is good friends with our mentor, is also assisting us in making contact with her. Another step we have taken is sharing the information we have learned with other students so they can learn more about the living situations of homeless people. 

2.) Planning what to include in the care packages has proven to be a success. My partner and I brainstormed a list of items that homeless people would require. We also had the opportunity to share our experiences and tell the do’s and don’ts of helping the less fortunate to a grade two and three class because my partner’s mom is a teacher.  Needless to say, we’ve also shared our experiences and advice on our social media accounts in order to educate younger generations. I’d also like to mention that we were able to connect Daniel, a homeless man we assisted a while ago, with his family. We discovered his siblings’ Facebook accounts and sent a message. Currently, we are awaiting a response.  

3.) A challenge we have faced is setting dates for helping the homeless since my partner, I, and our mentor have different schedules. We overcame this obstacle by having my partner’s mother assist us in contacting and working with Kristi, as they are good friends. Another issue that is faced is for Daniel.  We gave him our phone number so he could contact us because it was difficult for us to part ways after the bond we formed. However, because his phone was stolen, he was unable to text us. Hopefully, he will be able to find a device to call us so that we can all stay in touch. 

4.) Our next move is to go out with Kristi again during the December break. We are going to make care packages with the help of donations from our community. We’ve also learned that putting water bottles, treats, and toiletries in the care packages help the packages be successful and beneficial. Since we learned that you should not donate jackets because homeless people already have an abundance of them thanks to multiple school drives. We realized this from a story Kristi told us about her homeless friend who had recently died and when she went to visit her, she discovered hundreds of jackets that she didn’t need. Now, for the future, we know that homeless people need more items like underwear and freshwater than jackets.

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  1. this is so great to hear. my mom is a psychiatric nurse and she works with a lot of the homeless population struggling with drug use. ive gone with her a few times to give out goodie bags by commercial drive, idk if ur buying the goodie bag stuff yourself, but is u are dollarama is a great place !!!

  2. Hi Mahdiya,
    What you’re doing with your action project is so amazing. Making care packages for the homeless is very considerate and is definitely something that will make an impact in our community. I hope you get in touch with Daniel! I look forward to reading your next update.

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