Action Blog Post #5

  1. Currently my partner and I are a on the right track with our action project. We are currently talking to Kristi about further dates to do things. We wanted to make a plan over the weekend to make care packages for this holiday season. That unfortunately got cancelled because none of the times or dates worked out for Kristi, my partner and I. Now we have planned something for the December break instead. My mom who is longtime friends with Kristi is helping us find dates and overall, in this journey. Finally, we have shared our important information about our whole experience with many people to spread the word! 
  2. So far, a success we have had is my partner working together to make lists of things for care packages full of items for the people on the streets. This way in the future we will easily be able to put together the care packages. Another success we have had is the overall experience so far because it has affected our ways of thinking and sharing our experiences with many others. Including sharing everything with younger youths. One last success I would like to talk about is that we have had that has really stuck with my partner and I is when we got the opportunity to reach out to Daniel’s (Someone we helped in the downtown east side area) family! 
  3. Some of the challenges we have faced during our action project with helping the homeless has been finding dates for my partner, Kristi, my mom and I that all work. It is very hard for us because we are all on very different schedules. One way that we have worked around this is my mom helping us contact and work with Kristi. One other thing that has been a challenge is Daniel not having a way to contact us. We gave him our contact information so that he can reach us but it is very hard for the people on the streets because they don’t have phones or anything.  
  4. For our future we are planning on getting together over the winter break and making care packages with the help of the people in our community for the holiday season. We will fill them up with toiletries, clothing (socks, pants, warm sweatshirts, etc…), water, food and many other things! We will eventually give out the care packages in the downtown east side. I can’t wait to continue this journey!  

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