Blog Post #5 – Are humans becoming over dependent on technology?

My inquiry project question is: Are humans becoming over dependent on technology?

In my previous blog post, I have mentioned about the deeper advantages and disadvantages of technology dependence because it is always great to look at two sides when comparing and figuring out an answer of this particular question. In this final post for my inquiry research, my last question would be how our world would look like if technology never existed; therefore, I’d be able to answer my main question with this much information. Logically, if we did not have technology initially, our world now would become miserable and burdensome to individuals and around the world compared to the convenience of technology. However, what would happen if technology never existed?

Without technology, our world would probably be as it was in the olden days and much simpler as it was for our great-great-grandparents since it was non existent. For instance, people would wake up early and walk for the whole distance or maybe riding a bicycle if the destination was far away, whereas now, we would most likely use cars. Therefore, the air wouldn’t be fresh, but people back then breathed healthy and natural oxygen. Additionally, there would not be YouTube, google, tv, nuclear weapons, hackers and not even airplanes. It’s not scientifically proven if technology is good or bad, however, due to the fact that there are many theories about how technology made us anti-social and untalkative. Furthermore, the average person spends about 2.4 hours which is a lot of time to do productive things. Nonetheless, technology would become handy when it comes to education. The way we learn is usually with technology, such as google classroom, Zoom calls, FaceTime and videos. There also wouldn’t be any access to learn other courses like investment or how to become an entrepreneur. Technology is essential for investors as they invest in money and stocks, for example, the top 10% of Americans own an average of $900,000 on stock markets, and without the technology, stock markets wouldn’t exist. (3)

To fully answer my main question, it is true that humans has been depending on technologies that it can be out of control. (2) Some people find it impossible to take their eyes off of the screen even for five minutes. (1) Instead, humans can reduce the use of electronics by looking through photo albums, using their talents to create a family variety show, cooking dinner together or baking cookies, singing karaoke or having a dance party and listening to a book on audio every night. Other relaxing things to try out when bored is giving yourself a manicure or pedicure, taking a bubble bath, trying out a new hairstyle/experimenting with your hair, colouring/drawing on paper, doing yoga, writing a poem or write in a journal and etc…(2)

Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Hey Tiffany! I really enjoyed your post and found it very informative:) It’s crazy to think how the stock market wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for technology! Companies would have to resort to borrowing from the bank to raise money for expansion and that would surely be a burden to many companies as they would have to repay the loans with interest. It’s also crazy and odd to think that without technology, our world would be as it was in the olden days, where no teenagers would be on their phones for 3/4 of the day!

    Tiffany Yao

  2. Hi Tiffany,

    It makes sense how technology has helped humans greatly, but might be still harming us, and it is great how you labelled various ways to become less dependent on technology.

    I really like how you did a preview of your previous blog post because it provides us with an incredible insight that helps us understand your post even more.

    Good luck in your future posts!

    Karen Zoulau

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    I really like how you included ways to take time off from technology and how it can affect us positively and negatively. I think that exploring the root cause of why we depend on technology would give a better idea on the bigger picture.

    Here are some links that I think will help on this idea:

    Hope this helps!
    -Aleah V.

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