Blog post #5 The effect and result of World War 2

Blog post #5- the effect of World War 2

First, let’s talk about the countries involved in World War 2. In World War 2, only Afghanistan, Andorra, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Tibet, Vatican City, and Yemen were neutral during the war. (1) All the other countries were involved in WW2 because there are too many countries to talk about, I will be choosing the ones that are normally forgotten by people or if the effect of the country had influenced the whole of humanity.

First country: Germany.

Germany was one of the Axis Alliance countries that had started WW2 seeking world domination and to kill all Jewish people, assort German dominance around the globe. But the war did not end well for Germany as they were losing, and the allies’ power was getting stronger and stronger. The first few years of World War 2 were filled with German victories because Hitler had invented a new way of fighting, “The Lighting War”, which is famous for its speed and power of destruction. But after the allies had united, worked out a plan against Hitler’s strategy, Germany was losing, by a LOT. Germany had struggled, not yet realizing that the loss was inevitable at that point. After World War 2, Germany had a total casualty of 6.9 million to 7.4 million citizens, let alone all the cities bombed to the ground. Overall, Germany was at a great loss after World War 2 in all the ways possible.

Second country: Soviet Union

The Soviet Union had the highest casualty in the whole world, suffering the loss of 20 to 27 million civilians. (2) Soviet was deeply wounded, and people begin wanting to overthrow the government. The Soviet Union was later divided into 15 countries including present Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, etc.

Third country: China

China was the first country to enter what would become world war 2. On July 7, 1937, a clash between Chinese and Japanese troops happened right outside Beijing, marking the start of the war between China and Japan, the start of a massive genocide. (3) The Nationalist Party in China was the main force defending all the Japanese attacks. Japanese soldiers were enraged by Chinese resistance, causing the Nanking Massacre, in which the Japanese soldiers killed and raped 300 thousand unarmed Chinese civilians in just 6 weeks in the captured Nanking. (1) (2),Burma%20on%20February%2024%2C%201945 (3)

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