Blog #5: 3rd round: Are we close to living a robotic life? Are they the future of humanity?

Blog #5: 3rd round: Are we close to living a robotic life? Are they the future of humanity?

This is my last question left, and people have been really into this particular question, so that is why I am really excited to write this and delve into it even more.robots in society

“Success is yet to come”

(1)   It certainly does. We have always craved to see robots’ evolution and how does it could enhance all over the years. Films as Star Wars, Terminator, Star Trek, Transformers, or even Wall-E happen to be about artificial intelligence. It may not surprise us that when it comes to creativity and development, we can really make remarkable traces.

(2)   What do robots mean to humans? They mean innovation and the future. One of the greatest achievements and commitments scientists have been engaged to be the creation of robots and they have surely succeeded. Scientists have utilized heart cells that act like miniature pistons and skin cells, and with bioengineering’s help and these impressive miniature biological machines can repair or heal themselves when damaged and they are multitasking.

(3)   We can see clearly, how robots will be replacing service jobs. For instance, unlike a human waiter, a robot server will have all kinds of information about you before you even tell it what you want. Because robots will be connected to the Internet, they will be able to access all of the data that is available about you online to predict what you may like to order.

(4)   In addition, this is not the only case in which we see how robots simplify our lives, in Japan, some robots look like humans and, besides they can speak all kinds of languages and be able to receive their guests and interact with them as well.

(5)   Not all of what is technically possible needs to be built. Nonetheless, in these cases, such as the COVID-19 virus spreading robots can help humans to overcome this reality and to bring us the normal days, and doing so, they can save human’s live by replacing them, so they do not have to make contact with the ones that are already affected.

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  1. Hey Andrea! Your blog was super interesting to read about and it really makes me wanna further research about robots:) Back when I first visited China in 2016, I encountered the first talking robot in my life that served me food at a restaurant. Since then, I always thought that would be the most robots could do for us humans as I figured technology wasn’t going to go any further (for the next 50 years). Now after reading your blog, I realized my theories were wrong; but I’m certainly glad for that! You’re right about the creation of robots being highly successful, as now around some parts of the world robots are doing jobs for humans; like serving food! I’m very much looking forward to a robot that could help me with studying, haha!

    Tiffany Yao

  2. Hi Andrea,
    your inquiry question is really inspiring and it is definitely something I have asked myself in the past. I really hope robots don’t actually take over humanity in the future, though, because I really enjoy my life and I’m sure a lot of others do too. Your research is very detailed and it touches up on a lot of points I haven’t even thought about, so I loved reading your blog post and learning new information. One thing I would suggest is that for next time, you can also look into what the world will be like if robots were to take over the world. I would love to see that and hope it helps!

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