Blog #5 – What are the different types of lies…

What different types of lies are there, and how unacceptable and impactful can they become/be?

 (1) There are known to be three types of lies. Lies of commission, lies of omission and lies of influence, which can also be reffere to as the character lies.

The lie of Commission is a lie that one says in order to hide their true feelings towards something. this type of lie is known to please the person that it is being said to For example If i said to my father that i hated cake, because he had mentioned he hated cake, it would be a lie of commision as i am a great fan of cake, and enjoy it all the time. This type of lie can be impactful because the context it can be used in it almost anything. Meaning hiding great truths, your own feelings can harm your own mental health, and the other persons as they might be in the right of knowing the truth. This type of lie is “simple” any type of lie can impact someone for the greater or for the worst, there is no in between.

Lies of omissions are lies that are suagr coated. This type of lie has truth to it, but it is missing the key factor to the truth, categorising it as a lie. For example Tommy tells his mother that he is going to go study at the librarby, but instead he is going to a friends house to study. There is still a sense of truth, but the key part, the main point is still missing. This type of lie can connect to many things as every type of lie does, but crime is one factor that it usually is used in. It can go from a location that is being lied about, to an action that one is keeping to themselves and lying about. These types of lies are hard to figure out, as the lie itself is actually true, it is simply missing something.

Lastly the lies of influence. This type of lie is not actaully influenced by someone, but it is influenced by a topic one i strying to avoid. This lie can sound something like a person trying to change a topic, meaning they will twist their words, lie and do everything they can to make the main topic of attention into something else. This type of lie is the worst kind as once the main topic is gone, the truth may never be heard of again, and the truth could be an important piece of inromation for someone. this sort of lie is the main lie used to cover something up such as possibly stealing something, or cheating on a test. It is used when someone is trying to prove their honesty.

(2) Lying to someone especially a person you are always in contact with, or are in a relationship in, can be both benefitting and heartbreakng. Lying to someone can cause them to gain mental illnesses, such as becoming an extreme narcissistic, or the person becoming overcome with guilt because of how impactful the lie is. It is true that most large lies are sometimes better not known, sometimes it is better to keep the truth, but this can kill someone because of the amount of power dishonesty has. This can also create people to distrust a person. This mainly happens in relationships when one partner is constantly dishonest, and the other is simply to scared to trust them. Lying and trust are very similar topics, while lying can break trust, or in rare cases bring some together. It is important for one to know when to lie and when to tell the truth. As mentioned above it is also best not to suagr coat the truth, and keep the key point/inofrmation hidden. (3) There is no absolute definition, or a wayone can explain why someone lies, or how it affects people, and why it can be both negative and positive. It is possible to tell when someone is lying as science has showed us. It can be known from your eye avoiding the other person, sweating, moving around lots, and many other unusal human behaviours, but it can never be truly know to why someone lies. However the reason is quite simple, they want to keep something hidden. The reason to why could be a huge mystery or it could not be but the defination of lying will always remain vage as unless there is acess to ones mind, it can enevr be truly found.

Lying is powerful, impactful and strange. It is ones mind deciding to not state the truth, and the reason most times is unknown. Sure scientists have foudn the chemical change in the brain when one is lying but it is not as authentic when you truly see, and know the real reason to why someone decides to lie.



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