action blog post #4

  1. so far ive just been going to every adoption event, we have had quite a few adoptions in the last couple of weeks so id say its going well.
  2. some success  are, in the last couple of adoption events we have a lot of senior and disabled dogs adopted which is rare so id say that’s a success.
  3. some problems i have faced are the serious floods in BC right now, the rescue has been getting flood survivors every day and our rescue is full, and we have very little foster homes at the moment. a lot of dogs have been found trapped in flooded homes and tones dead, its really sad to see.
  4. im hopefully gonna foster next week, because the rescue really needs foster homes.


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  1. Hi Stella,
    I think it’s awesome how involved you are at your dog shelter. I am so happy that even the dogs who often don’t get adopted are being given new homes, that is definitely a success. But, I can’t imagine how hard the floods have been on the animals and it is so heartbreaking that so many died or were left stranded in the wild. I’m glad your shelter and the many others across the lower mainland are helping them out. Good for you for fostering of them. One suggestion for your future posts is maybe to elaborate a bit more. For example I would love to know more about each dog, or the ones that were adopted, how often you do adoption events at your shelter, what type of dog you are fostering, possibly a few facts on how the floods affected the animals. Other than that, keep up the great work you are doing at your shelter!

    Chantal M.

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