Blog #4 – What scientifically happens to humans when they lie?

what scientifically happens to humans when they lie?

(1)The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that controls human emotions and behaviour. This part of the brain also helps humans plan and regulate their emotions controllably. A way scientists have realized that the human brain is lying, the human themselves. When the prefrontal cortex is in an active state, this can indicate the brain may be lying. (2) the prefrontal cortex is the main centre control of the brain for the human emotions, and behaviour as previously mentioned, but this happens because of the dopamine in part of the brain, that influences the PCF to do the actions that involve humans such as cry, and lying. This part of the brain is also why many can feel guilty, or completely fine after doing actions such as lying.(3) The amygdala is a part of the brain that also contributes in the part of human emotions, but the more humans tend to lie, the less the amygdala tend to be seen. This is kind of like a sign that the guilt some get in the brain, or some feel is weakining because they are constantly lying more and more. Lying has become very negative, and those who lie have gone through the guilt and pressure more than those who constantly “encourage” to stop lying anf simply stat the truth. There is always a reason to why someone is lying, and no reason is too small or too big. The amygdala, tends to not be seen because of these messages. The more someone “encourages” stating the truth, the more the person who lies is inetrested in doing the lie because it is a habit all humans have.

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  1. Hi Negar! I love this topic and think its very unique and cool. I never thought of this question but now that you have I am really wondering what happens when humans lie. I really like how your post is very well thought out and organized. That makes it easy for me to read and understand. Good job! Can’t wait to follow you along with your research!
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  2. Hey Negar! This topic is soo interesting! Our topics do relate and its crazy how we both spoke about the amygdala in this weeks post!! It is really helpful to know that there is always a reason behind someones lie and sometimes people dont even mean too. I am looking forward to reading your coming posts and understanding your topic with you.

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