Blog #1: Inquiry Project – How can education help reduce plastic consumption?”

Spreading awareness to keep our Earth’s environment healthy and clean have always been a priority of mine; which leads to why I chose my inquiry question.

Ever since realizing how detrimental plastics are to our environment, I was determined to help eliminate the most plastics I could. I started taking interest in school clubs like the Green Team and Nature Club, which taught me so many ways how people could better our environmental conditions. However, since joining those clubs, I had myself questioning for a long time; “how come school doesn’t have a required course of how we can better our environment?” After all, materials like plastics have threatened both humans’ and animals’ health’s on a global scale since the 1960s. This sudden pop-up question in my head gave me the idea to my inquiry project question; “How can education help reduce plastic consumption?” I hope in my future blogs that I can cover all the main reasons of how education can help reduce plastic consumption, why it’s important to do so, and most importantly; how it will influence our earth’s environment in the future.

By: Tiffany Yao

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  1. Hey Tiffany! I love this topic and I think it is very important for many people to learn! Many more people in this world should be asking the same question to themselves. I agree with you so much about the “how come school doesn’t have a required course of how we can better our environment?” because WAY more people should be learning about this. If we don’t do something now about this soon its going to be to late!
    Cant wait to follow you along to answer your question!

    • I’m happy to know you agree with me on schools needing a required course on how we can better our environment! Appreciate your feedback Sydney:)

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    It’s interesting what you’ve decided on for your topic. The points you make are both relevant and accurate. Currently, some people do not prioritize studying, but it has a huge impact on life and work. In summary, education helps us become better citizens. In this regard, parents play a major role since they teach their children good behavior or how to be socially responsible.
    I wish you the best of luck 🙂
    Daniela Z.

  3. Hi Tiffany, you seem to have a great project going. The world really needs more people like you who care enough about topics such as these and who actually take steps to achieve progress. I also completely agree with your point about school curriculum. A topic as relevant as this deserves a significant chunk of learning time in our schools. If we aren’t aware of how our choices shape our environment, how will we know how to change?

  4. Hey Tiffany! It is so great to see you caring about the environment as many forget to do that nowadays. Your inquiry question spoke to me because I love how it is so important to you so you want to make a change. I think one thing you could research deeply about is how different countries are stoping the use of plastic and educating their younger generations on how harmful it really is.You could look into what is working for them and what is not

    I am looking forward to following you on this journey 🙂

  5. Hi Tiffany,
    I really like the inquiry questions you chose. I completely agree with you in asking why we are not taught about how to improve our environment at school. I think education on plastic consumption is extremely necessary.
    Here are some sources your could use for your research:

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