Blog Post #3- Are humans becoming over dependent on technology?

As I have mentioned already in my previous blog post #2, my first research to finding an answer to my main inquiry project question was how it primarily made us become more reliant on technology and the signs which indicates we have become dependent on it. Therefore in this third blog post, it will provide some information that will make your understanding much vivid.

Back in the 20th century, there were various ways which people entertained themselves. It usually involved interacting with others without technology and devices between them. For example, many people could attend dances, live events, amusement parks or simply play a game of stick ball or any other physical activities with their friends from the neighbourhood. Nonetheless, we still do these activities for entertainment, it has reduced much more than before. These days the way we entertain ourselves had changed due to usage of phones, computers, and similar technologies that have interwoven into our daily lives. The type of entertainment we receive from technology is known as “passive” entertainment. These signifies anything from binge-watching a show on Netflix or listening to a podcast, which does not require much effort. (2) There are even thousands of video games that can keep you actively engaged without leaving your house as well, for example the recent invention of Virtual Reality in video games had made people imitate active forms of entertainment that originally needed to participate outside the house, such as bowling, going paint balling or playing sports. (3) Passive entertainment is opposed to active leisure that includes exertion of physical or mental energy. Before, people had to communicate by talking to one another in person, however gradually technology gave us the ability to communicate with people far away from us, either making a phone call, sending an email or even shooting off a text. Another reason why people rely on technology was the easy access that made our lives much easier, more convenient, safer and enjoyable. A long time ago, they would get their information by researching themselves, with the help of books, a librarian, interviewing experts or conducting experiments which were bigger challenges they faced. The internet now luckily is essentially an unlimited source of information that makes it easier to research and to inform yourself. However it is essential to watch out for misinformation that are not written by humans. According to writer Max read of NYMag, less than 60% of web traffic is only human and to other researchers, it is likely to be a bot. (2) Additionally, travelling has an effect on technology as well since the development of GPS and its mass adoption has made it easier for people find their destination without having to concern about the surroundings as it shows what roads to avoid as a result of accidents or other problems that could slow you down. (3) One of the signs/proof that indicates we have become too dependent on technology is shopping online only to discover that it looks different from the internet and you wish to send it back. This is a complex process which will waste your time and money as it is a nuisance figuring how to return it. Another reason is that playgrounds are becoming empty as preschoolers are even busy tapping away on their tablets or mobile apps for kids whom the parents got for them. Sometimes adults worry too much or are preoccupied in gadgets that we forget children are in need to play and interact with other kids their age to gain emotional and intellectual growth. (1) Third sign is that you notice that you lose track of time when being online. For instance, you don’t realize the hours that have passed when watching YouTube videos or chatting on social media. Lastly you feel anxious without connection, if you suddenly begin feeling worried because you haven’t connected with anyone on your phone or computer, then technology has made you too dependent.

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4 Replies to “Blog Post #3- Are humans becoming over dependent on technology?”

  1. Hello, Tiffany.
    Your inquiry question immediately piqued my interest! Personally, I believe that humans are becoming overly reliant on technology due to its convenience. For example it’s much more easier to simply go online with a few clicks and get millions of in-depth research explaining a question you have than opening a book. You can just do so much on one device, such as critical job applications, to checking how much money you have left in the back, to connecting with your family and to late-night social media scrolling. There’s basically an app for everything you possible need and technology is just going to keep on advancing. Which causes us humans do become more lazy because we have everything done for us.

    You could also look into whether technology enhancing is the problem due to all of the negative effects you mentioned, or if it is just people who become addicted to it and overly rely on it. Since, when you think about it, everything has a negative impact, and many people manage the amount of time they spend on a device. So, maybe shifting the perspective a little bit towards people who have the problem of being sucked into another world when on their device. Just a possible idea you might want to look at.

    Overall, I enjoyed reading your blog post because it was so detailed. I can’t wait to see what you discover. Best wishes!

    Mahdiya A.

  2. Hello Tiffany! Your inquiry question is one I am very interested in! It caught my eye because at first though I automatically answered, yes we humans are becoming dependent on technology, but I thought about how the older generation had received helped as the generation with technology that informs us information whenever we need it, is only now. However, in detail you explained how those In the past generation, century, managed to gain help, or stay entertained. Moreover, your writing style is great and very easy to read, but try and spread out the information a little bit as it is a bit difficult to read without losing the spot that I was reading from. It was very entertaining to read so good luck on your research!

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    this is such an interesting topic! I really enjoyed reading your paragraph because I found it so fascinating. I loved when you talked about how the internet is an easy way to gain information, but that information may not be reliable. Your research went very in-depth about how we are becoming dependent on technology and was well planned out. However, I found it difficult to keep up with it because it’s one big paragraph. For future blog posts, I suggest spacing them out as it’s easier for others to read and might be easier for you to look back on as well.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more from you and good luck!

  4. Hey Tiffany, your inquiry question is very interesting, and your research is also clear and thorough! I love how you provided many examples for each point, which I found very helpful in understanding the idea. I especially relate to shopping online; then discovering that the clothing piece looks different in real life and wanting to return it. This is a problem I notice that I never dealt with before I started online shopping.

    One tip for you is to separate your research information in different paragraphs, which makes it easier for the reader to read and comprehend. Overall, I think your first round of research is very well built, and will greatly help with your next round of research.

    Here are two websites that may help for round two research:

    Hope this helps!

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