Blog post 3

  1. So far, my partner and I have done everything we have needed to do up to this point possible. All we have to do left is actually going out and help the homeless. We have done as much planning that we can but unfortunately for us it is hard to get a time that works for me, my partner and Kristi. But now we have a date set and were going to get it done!
  2. We have had major success in planning everything that we have needed too. Except we haven’t got the chance to execute everything we have planned. Besides that, up to this point we have done a great job planning the things we need too!
  3. Some challenges that we have had has been my partner and I both being free as well as Kristi Blakeway. Kristi is a very busy person and same with my partner and I so it’s been hard to find a date that works for the three of us. We have tried our hardest to find date that us all and finally have even though it has taken a while!
  4. Next, we are going go out and take the homeless out for lunch! We will finally be executing everything we have planned. Not only are we going to take them out for lunch we will be giving them cards and putting smiles on their faces! This is a very important step in our journey, and I am very excited to do it!

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  1. Hey Sydney! This is amazing. I love how you are giving back to the community. This is something we can all learn from. Have you done the action part now? If yes, what were your conversations with them like?

    I loved reading your post and look forward to more <3

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