Action Blog Post #3

1.) I’m currently discussing dates with Kristy Blakeway to take less fortunate people out to lunch and learn more about their stories for my action projectMy friend and I are communicating with her through messages and we are discussing potential ways to assist the homeless, and are attempting to set dates and locations. We’re hoping to help the homeless by going on lunches a few times over the next few months, and our first one will hopefully be this Saturday. 

2.) I haven’t had much success so far because I’ve only planned and discussed my action project with my partner and the Project “HELLO” founder. This Saturday is the first day we will be able to go outside and make an impact. So, I guess staying in touch, being patient with each other, and finally prioritizing to set a date was a success.  

3.) Time management has been a challenge for us because on some days when I was free, my partner was not, and on other days our mentor had important events she needed to attend. We overcame this by communicating with one another and learning to be flexible and prioritize what needed to be done. For example, I wasn’t going to be at home this weekend, but after speaking with my parents, they informed me that we would only be at home for the morning and afternoon of Saturday, giving me enough time to go downtown with Kristy and my partner to complete a portion of our action project. 

4.) After this Saturday, we are probably going to go on a few more lunches with the less fortunate people because we want to help as much as we can and we are intrigued to learn more about the struggles, feelings, and thoughts of our intervieweesUsually, the first time you do something, it is just a test run, so you should spend more time learning than applying because if you do it again, you will be much more experienced and will be able to do a better job. 

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  1. hey mahdiya! i love how you’re giving back to the community and i think this is such an interesting action project. did you end up going to the lunch on saturday? if so, how did it go? i’m looking forward to reading your future posts!

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