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A staggering one-in-three women, experience physical, sexual abuse - Modern  Diplomacy

Exposition: A young girl named Jordie has joined ballet. She had dreamed of becoming a famous dancer since she was young and loves it with a passion. She has to experience many obstacles but her instructor has taken a liking to her and offers to help her become the beloved dancer she craves to become. However her family cannot afford more classes, so her instructor offers to do them for free.

Point of Attack: Jordie’s instructor wanted something other than money as payment. She soon realizes this as her teacher, while helping her stretch, puts their hands much farther than they should have. She strugles to get out of their grasp but to no avail, she was helpless. Jordie, horrified at what her instructor had just done, runs home in tears. She continues ballet, however, at her next class, she holds back her tears and the urge to vomit.

Rising Action: Jordie now has a new cycle: ballet in the mornings, school, ballet in the evenings, repeat. As she does her extra classes, she gets better. She closes her eyes and fights the tears, thinking of her future, and the fame and fotune of what was to come.

Climax: It is Jordie’s second year of ballet. The scars she would carry would be infinite but she has been asked by countless university scouts to attend their university. She can finally leave this wretched place.However, she will have to wait one more year to finally leave

Falling Action : She has graduated. Jordie has finally left the place. Though she will never be the same, she hopes it was worth it.

Resolution: Four years later. Jordie is one of the best know ballet and lyrical dancers on the planet. She has achieved hights, positions, and jumps the world did think was possible. Her scars would never fade and neither would the memories, but she faught through the pain. Never give up, but persevere like Jordie did.


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