action blog post #3

  1. I’ve done a lot for my action project, since i started documenting my adoptions for the action project, ive adopted out 6 dogs by myself, so id say I’m doing pretty good so far.
  2. one of our long term residents, Winston the English bulldog went to a foster home. Winston unfortunately  has cancer that cant be treated due to his old age, chemo therapy would be too hard on his body. so instead of being put up for adoption he went to an amazing lady that lives on a 5 acre property on Vancouver island to live out his last couple of years with his poodle sister. this situation is called a forever foster, its when a dog for some reason cant be adopted so they are fostered out but are still technically owned by the rescue, this is only for rare cases like Winston’s.
  3. some challenges i have faced is, a senior poodle that i met 3 years ago on my very first day working at the rescue, basil, got returned last week, his owner is sick with covid and unable to care for him so he had to come back to us, im now looking at potential adopters for him, but this was a huge emotional set back.
  4. im attending the next adoption event on Sunday, we just got a bunch of new dogs off the transport truck from California, and every single one of them has an adoption appointment booked for Sunday, so hopfully everyone gets adopted.

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  1. Hey Stella,
    Volunteering at a dog rescue is a fantastic idea, and I’m amazed you adopted six dogs. That’s phenomenal. Also, Winston’s story touched me deeply, and I wish him the absolute best. I’m looking forward to hearing about how the next adoption event goes. Good luck!

    Mahdiya A.

  2. Hello stella ,
    it seems like you have taken a lot of action in your project already ! great job! I am very interested to see what else you do , good luck!

  3. Hi Stella! Your action project is so meaningful and good job adopting 6 dogs out by yourself! That’s impressive! I hope Winston gets to enjoy the rest of his life with his amazing foster mom. You’re doing an incredible job and the dogs are so lucky to have you as a volunteer.
    I look forward to you and the dog’s updates!

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