action blog post #2

  1. for my action project I’m volunteering for my local dog rescue, i have been volunteering for dog way rescue society since i was 11, and have had the honor of fostering 4 dogs, adopting two, and rescuing hundreds. for my action project i will document what an adoption event looks like, and how fostering changes a dog.
  2. some complexity i will face while doing my action project is, having to let go of foster dogs which for me is hardest, having to witness and deal with EXTREAM abuse and neglect the majority of these dogs deal with before coming to the rescue and having to watch some dogs never being adopted weather its due to age, health issues, behavioral issues etc. some dogs will never make it out of our rescue.
  3. my action is sustainable because, i will be rescuing dogs from California high kill shelters, helping and training them, weather its to do tricks or just to helping them get though the trauma from their abusive past enough to be considered adoptable. And adopting them out to amazing forever homes.
  4. this project is not only giving me opportunity because running my own rescue is what i want to do when im older so this is great experience, but its a life saving opportunity to every dog i adopt out.
  5. the expert working with me is Cherry she is the president of dog way rescue society, she is an expert in dog rescue and has been doing it for over 10 years, some advice that she has given me is “where there is life, there is hope” she always says this and it means it doesn’t matter how bad a dog is if it is alive we can and we will help it.

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