Blog Post #2: How do technologies have helped us through the pandemic?

First, the subject I have chosen is widely interesting, there are a lot of questions that intrigue me, but I have chosen only the ones I consider deeply currently connected to the pandemic’s challenges.
I would like to mention that my main question is: “How do technologies has helped us through the pandemic?”, this question will help me further to know exactly what other questions are also related to this specific subject.

  • What was the most important tool in order to win the race against COVID-19?
    Due to the pandemic, new technologies were born out and we could even say that we have never seen a rapid development of technologies increasing the way we did. Indeed, the priority issue included helping people to overcome the capacity to work from home along with resolving the virus spreading and preventing getting more people infected each day.
    Furthermore, at the moment was known it was a matter of a virus, we knew the vaccine as the imminent solution for it. Precisely, the American labs were the most reliable and useful tool.
    When Will There Be a Coronavirus Vaccine? | Time
  • Have technologies already changed our lifestyle in regards to how work and education have been enhanced?
    In different ways, the pandemic has changed our lifestyle, the way adults used to work, or even children used to study. So far, they have done fantastic work, since we’ve been told to stay at our homes, we have never stopped working or either studying and it is thanks to the virtual tools that we have been able to do it. Tools as Zoom us, Microsoft Teams, Meet, or FaceTime have always existed, but we have not used them at all. For example, in December 2019 there were 10 million active daily users of Zoom and now that’s around 250 million. Microsoft Teams has 115 million daily active users — that’s a 53 percent increase since the pandemic started.
  • Are we close to living a robotic life? Are they the future of humanity?
    Robots had always existed but in science-fiction movies or books but now we are truly close to reaching this purpose of being able to design robots, they are now the future, the new human model.

Undoubtedly, it was the least we could hope since the technology’s innovation has always been improving and now it is so advanced. Examples: In Singapore’s parks, there are already robots ensuring people maintain a safe distance from each other. In China, there are already humanoid robots treating covid-19 patients in hospitals to limit the possibility to get the stud infected. 

Your questions answered on artificial intelligenceTriple-I Blog | COVID-19 Spurs Jobs </BR>For Robots, Drones, </BR>Other Technologies

“Currently, this is what we see, tomorrow is beyond our imagination”.


One of the 5 sources I will be using throughout my inquiry project:


How will these questions have a strong impact on our community/society?
My questions involved all human society since we are all getting through this COVID-19 pandemic and trying our best to find a safe way to get to the normality, as we used to know before. They are not only helping to learn how to adjust to this world’s ever-changing but technology is also helping to get a vaccine that could prevent us from death and give us a glimmer of hope to the uncertain future we all have.

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  1. hi, this is so interesting, honestly i think this is like one of my biggest fears. like robots taking over the world lol, artificial intelligence is terrifying to me, but i cant wat to hear more.

  2. Hello Andrea,
    I am really interested in the topic that you have chosen , but i am especially interested in your third question; “Are we close to living a robotic life? Are they the future of humanity?” This is a very intriguing question and I am quite exited to see your research!

  3. Hey Andrea,
    I like your research question because it is so interesting. I’ve seen robots replacing the hotel reception in Japan, they were very advanced, interesting, and also terrifying.
    here are a few websites that might can help you with your researches.

  4. Hey Andrea,

    I love your research question because it’s so interesting and so relevant to us today. It’s really scary to think about if we’re close to living a robotic life or not. I don’t know much about this topic, so I’m looking forward to your future blog posts!

    Here are some sources I think could help with your research!,useful%20information%20at%20our%20fingertips.&text=With%20all%20of%20these%20revolutions,%2C%20better%2C%20and%20more%20fun.

    Good luck! 🙂

  5. Hi Andrea,

    I think the project question you chose is very interesting because this topic is very current, and many people have different views on it. I like the 3 different questions you chose for the rounds of research, especially the robotics one. I don’t know much about it and I’m looking forward to reading your take on it.

    Here are some sources you could use when researching it:

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