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My inquiry question: Why some countries were more capable than others to handle the Coronavirus even though they have similar measures?

My first step in my inquiry will be about why some countries were more capable than others of handling the Coronavirus even though they have similar measures. Additionally, it is not only a question of how many government officials have implemented the measures, but also how people have responded to them and whether or not they understand how they can contribute to combating Coronavirus. In short, this inquiry is to understand the problem, what the question means, and how it can help people. After all, it’s clear that understanding the problem helps, so I can explain clearly what this question means.

Secondly, I will provide examples of countries that have taken measures against Coronavirus, and which of these countries have had success, and what the pros and cons are of taking these measures at this time.

I will investigate in my last step by asking questions and looking for additional information that will help me with my project. In this case, asking me more questions about this inquiry helps a lot, as then I can provide more information and help understand the reader better. In addition, my second step in the research is to seek out reputable sources that can help me provide more precise information to share what I have learned with you all. It is essential to have credible evidence that you have taken or read this information from reputable sources. Providing reputable sources is always essential to the reader since he wants to know where the information has come from.


How this question will have implications for other individuals and/or my community?

This inquiry could help people realize how essential it is to respect measures and some restrictions because this can help people, and have lower cases of COVID. Also, in this question, we can understand how and why some countries have better results than others even do they hold alike measures.

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  1. Hey Daniela! I do really love the topic you have chosen. It is surely interesting, and it can be widely explored. Nowadays, the COVID-19 is a topic well-known, and at the same time a topic in which everybody is kind of scared about what upcoming events it will bring towards humanity. Certainly, our daily living has changed as of our way to work or to study and even our habits. Suddenly, we have found ourselves in a challenging situation and I deem it was not the government strategies’ fault, and though they had made a lot of effort to overcome the virus spreading, their work is not done yet.
    I hope you continue finding out even more information and collecting data. I am pretty sure it will get us to understand what has failed in their strategies. Good luck!
    Here I leave you some links that perhaps will be useful for your research.
    — Andrea.

  2. Hi Daniela! I thought this was such an interesting topic. I think this is such a great question that I was also happened to be wondering. It has stuck with me since the beginning of the pandemic about how even though so many countries are doing very similar things but everywhere has had different outcomes. I cant wait to follow you along in your journey to answering this question! Good luck!

  3. Hello Daniela!h This topic is soo very interesting and very important when it comes to our world today. To think that some countries have almost recovered and others are still suffering is confusing but brings some hope at the same time. My one research point for you would be to understand how pros for some countries could be cons for others. This topic is great and I really look forward to hearing more about your research!!

  4. Hi Daniela,

    Your inquiry question is so interesting to me because it’s fascinating to think about why so many countries are handling the pandemic very well, but others aren’t. Everyone has had different reactions to it, and nobody reacted the same. I think your research plan is well thought out and I’m looking forward to reading your future posts!

    Here are some sources that could help you with your research

    Good luck!!

  5. Hi Daniela,

    I’m curious about this topic too! I find it very intriguing to see how different countries have taken similar measures, but different populations have reacted to them very differently. Also, it’s very interesting how even different populations in the same country (different states, age groups, etc) had different reactions to the same measures.

    Here are some sources you could use when researching it:,in%20the%20pandemic's%20first%20weeks.

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