Blog #2: Project plan

The question that I am going to be researching is “How does the media affect the way we think?”. In this blog post I will be talking about steps I will make to research this question.

Some questions that I will be further diving into will be…                                                          

How does the media portray certain groups and how it can negatively impact the way people think of them? How does herd mentality affect the way we think? How does the media affect the way children think?

How does the media portray certain groups and how it can negatively impact the way people think of them?

The media often portrays certain groups such as racial and ethnic minorities and people with disabilities in a negative light that contributes to harmful stereotypes about them. This portrayals do not only affect how other people see them, they also affect how they see themselves. These can lead to low self-esteem and can affect the mental health of these groups. I hope that this question can help people recognize these negative portrayals and understand how they affect the groups they portray.

How does mob mentality affect the way we think?

Mob mentality is when one is persuaded to conform to certain views of a large group and often neglects their own individual views. Mob mentality is rooted in the fact that more often than not, we just want to be liked. If you have a certain view, you may worry that the people who disagree with you will not like you. Likewise, when you see a large group of people on social media have the same opinion, you may feel pressured into thinking the same as them without questioning why you would do that. This question is an underlying way to how we think and may even be how you think yourself.

How does the media affect the way children think?

Compared to Generation Alpha, most of us grew up in a less technologically advanced generation as them. When I walk home I can see children in elementary school with phones however, I only got my own until 2 years ago. This new generation has every form of media at the tip of their fingers through their technology. The media can negatively affect children with the lack of supervision on things like body image, creating aggressive and anti-social behaviours, shorten attention span, etc. The things we learn as a child are harder to unlearn as we get older and grow used to them.

    2.  Here are 5 sources that are gonna be useful to my research

3. Who does my question impact?

Every single person I know consumes some form of media daily, it’s what makes up most of our entertainment. To books, movies, social media, TV shows, they’re every where in our lives. With the effects of the epidemic, we were told to stay in our homes. This created a surge in the time we spent consuming media daily, especially social media. In a study, 61% of Generation Z and Millennials consumed more content on social media during July to October 2020. The percentage of consumption was predicted to increase in 2021 with the average increasing by 9 minutes. Therefore, with media consumption becoming higher with each year and media being at the tip of our fingers, it impacts a whole lot of people. I hope with my project I can help people understand how the media helps us form opinions and even question some of their on views.

Aleah V.

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  1. Hey, Aleah! I really like your inquiry question; your topic is so current, and I am already excited to know more about it. Lately, I have done a lot of research on this particular subject, and all the data I have collected was so huge, interesting, and true. Social media can cloud your judgment, can manipulate, and can be dangerous if we depend on it, and it is the pressure we put on ourselves, that gets us blind and forced us to do things we would regret afterward. Moreover, I have seen many people tempted to do many things and it does not finish as the way they thought, and my conclusion is that to be a spotlight being too young, can create certain susceptibly towards you, even celebrities have been in these situations, and they could not control them. Nonetheless, it is not all bad and fatalist, media can help us if we learn the correct way to use them, knowing that they are not trustworthy resources, but they can meet our needs if they are reasonable.

    I hope these sources help you:
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Aleah,
    Your passage and project look incredibly fascinating! Your work is incredibly detailed and completely accurate. Just be careful not to make it a single story perspective and make sure both sides of the agrument. I am really looking forward to seeing how your project will turn out. keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Aleah! This project is extremely fascinating because this is something that affects every one of us. I would agree on the fact that the media does impact so many choices I make in my daily life whether it comes to buying something or researching on a particular topic. One thing you could research on is understanding how media is put out in a certain form for certain audiences. This could include age groups, minorities within our community etc.

    I look forward to reading more about your project and joining you on this journey 🙂

  4. Hi Aleah,

    Your inquiry question really sparked my interest because I found that social media affects my decisions a lot, and I want to know if we think of people differently because of this topic.

    I really liked how you went into full detail when describing your plan. It was very thorough, leaving me without doubt or questions.

    Here are a couple of sources that may help:,about%20your%20life%20or%20appearance.

    Good luck on your research,

    Karen Zoulau

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