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My inquiry question: Is being an introvert or extrovert better?

In blog post #1, I think 50% of people are introverted and the other half extroverted. I consider myself an introvert, but once you get to know me more or become friends I become extroverted. In my post before, people commented how they would consider themselves in the middle or is introverted, but become extroverted once they get familiar with people.
The main section I will research is: How do we become introverted or extroverted?

To answer the questions I received I’ll be researching:

-Does this affect the way you interact with people?
This is the first answer I will research. My peers were wondering if it affects the way you communicate with people. I think it is an important question to answer,

-How does society take in introverts and extroverts?
How do people judge these traits? Do people treat introverts or extroverts differently? From my own experience, I think people want to become friends with extroverts or feel comfortable around them. I feel that people assume that introverts are just silent people, but sometimes that’s not the case, once you get to know one they can become the loudest! As I’m not fully sure what society thinks, I’ll be researching this section.

-What is an ambivert?
This is also a new thing to learn for me. I don’t think many people know what this is, but an ambivert is between an introvert and an extrovert. I will research what similarities an ambivert has with an introvert and an extrovert.

These are the websites I’ll use:

I hope I’ll be able to fully comprehend my answer to my inquiry question!




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  1. Hey, Kiara! Great inquiry question! I have always wondered why people became extroverted or introverted depending on the environment which surrounds them. For instance, people are likely to be somehow shy when they first meet new people and as long as the relationship improves, they get along more. Most of the time happens this. I do not think we can control our personality and how do we unfold, or can we? Can we become extroverted people if we have been shy all our lives? I think that it mainly depends on you. But not only do people change, but the situation can also create circumstances and due to them, we changed ourselves too. Your topic is fascinating! It can be seen through different perspectives.

    Some helpful sources you might find useful: Good luck!

  2. Hi Kiara!
    I think this is such a great question that really gets me and other people thinking. I could never really tell if I was an introvert or not. For some people it is way more obvious (like one of my very close friends is FOR SURE an introvert). It wasn’t until I got older that I could finally tell that i am an ambivert (I always knew I was in between but I never knew what it was called until now). I think this topic actually has such a deep meaning behind it! I never really thought one is better because they both have their strengths and weaknesses within them. But now that I have read your blog I cant wait to follow along to see if you find an answer to your question!
    I found these 2 videos that might help you!

  3. Hey Kiara!

    I get to finally comment on your amazing post, I like how you planned each questions organizationally to answer your topic question. I think your question is something I hadn’t thought about a lot, so I am grateful that there will be some answers behind it and with my help along as you answer them. Considering me as a person who is an ambivert depending on who I am around and I can admit that I have very small amount of friends whom I can actually be comfortable being around extroverted. I’m really looking forward to getting an answer which intrigued me.

    -Tiffany ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Hi Kiara,
    As everyone else in the comments said, this is an awesome topic. I love the perspective of how society perceives and treat extroverts versus introverts. Moreover, finding out more about what are the characteristics of an ambivert are, should be very interesting. I believe that lots of people will identify with you in how you described being introvert at first, then extrovert when comfortable. I wonder if this classifies as an ambivert and if so, then if more people knew what it meant, how many more people would classify themselves as ambiverts. I think this would be a great area to focus on. Keep up the great research and hopefully this will help.

  5. Hey Kiara! Wow! I never thought of this topic as something that could be researched about soo deeply but it is great that we get to learn a bit about it from you. I consider myself an extrovert with friends who mainly consider themselves introverts. I would love to know more about how society telling us how introverts are ‘quite’ and extroverts are easier to talk too affect our community. Do people change how they act around certain people because they know how society wants them too?

    Just a thought to consider but looking forward to following along with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey Kiara,
    your inquiry project sounds really interesting to learn more about. The structure for your research is very clear and organized. A suggestion I have for you is to research what causes us to be introverted or extroverted. Something I found interesting from your post is the word “ambient”, I’ve heard it before but never quite knew what it meant. Now learning about it I think I know some people who may be ambiverts.

    Here are some websites to help you:

    I’m looking forward to seeing more from you, and good luck!

  7. Hi Kiara,
    I think your inquiry project topic is super interesting. I also consider myself an introvert but become more extroverted among my friends. I think your plan is well organized and detailed. I didn’t know about the term ambivert and I’m looking forward to learning about it!

    Sofia B.

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