Step Two Action Post:

My friend and I have approached Kristy Blakeway about participating in “Project HELLO.” Which is a campaign in which she hopes to change people’s perceptions of the homeless. She wants to put an end to stereotypes and learn more about their lives. I’m currently in contact with her and discussing potential volunteer opportunities. We’re thinking about either going downtown or locally with her on weekends and taking a less fortunate person out to lunch. To learn about their experiences because their struggles deserve to be shared and acknowledged. We will also begin by making care packages and cards for them. Also, to see if we can provide opportunities and assistance in effective ways. 

Some of the complexities I will face in this action will be ensuring that I ask the right questions when inquiring about someone’s past because you must be careful not to say anything that will insult, offend, or trigger them. That is why you must read the room, understand the tone of someone’s voice, understand their body language, and recognize that sometimes it is best to simply listen. Another challenge in this situation is avoiding giving something useless or potentially harmful to someone in need. That is why, rather than assuming what someone requires, you should learn about their condition and provide something lasting. That is why it is preferable to provide opportunities for them so that when you are not present, they can still support themselves. 

This action is sustainable because we are allowing the homeless to tell their stories and have them shared with the community. Being heard, valued, and respected is a wonderful feeling. This can open people’s eyes and bring us one step closer to putting an end to the stigma about homelessness. This opportunity may allow them to reconnect with lost family members, open new doors for them, and receive the necessary care. Kristy, for example, once assisted a man named Marty. He was mentally exhausted and was not paid on a monthly basis. He was lucky to have a place to sleep at all, and he didn’t trust local sleep shelters because he was afraid of losing his belongingsHe was originally from Calgary, Alberta, and moved to Vancouver in his forties after his marriage ended. Regrettably, things did not go as planned and his life started to go downhill. He sta. He started to look for his brother, a teacher named David Edmunds, who was teaching somewhere in Alberta and Kristy offered to help, and that put a smile on his face. He was grateful and happy to have the opportunity to be treated like a regular human being and to feel like he belonged for the first time. Currently, I’m not sure if they found his brother or not. 

Yes, this action is providing opportunity because instead of handing things to them we are the ones learning from them. This alters our perception of homeless people as uneducated because this demonstrates that they can teach us valuable life lessons. We can help them get started by introducing new opportunities to them so they can get started on a path they desire. By giving them the helping hand we can give them the small boost they need to open new doors and conquer their challenges. I will make sure I make the positive impact I intend by following Kristy’s guideline called “How You Can Help The Homeless: 7 Holiday Tips.”  

 The 7 Tips Are: 

  1. GiveAppropriate Gifts Using The Same Logic You Use When You Gift The Ones You Love 
  2. Take Time 
  3. Respect The Neighborhood 
  4. Use Your Judgment 
  5. Consider Another Time of Year
  6. Volunteer Your Time
  7. Find Out What People Need

My expert is Kristy Blakeway. She is an educator, leader, and mentor. She is the creator of “Project HELLO.” Which is a homeless aid campaign in which they can share their stories and be introduced to new opportunities. Her hometown is Coquitlam, where she was born and raised. She went to Charles Best Secondary for high school. She then worked in Terry Fox Secondary’s business department. She also became a counselor and acting vice president at the high school where she attended. After moving to Maple Ridge, she was offered the position of principal at Laity View Elementary. She has also published a book titled “Beyond HELLO!” After doing some research on her, I learned that we all have a unique story that deserves to be shared and that nowadays a lot of people are misunderstood and unjustified. 

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  1. Hey Mahdya,
    Your insights on the complexities that you feel you will face really fascinated me! I love the awareness you have about reading the room, and insuring that you ask the right questions. I hope your trip helps you gain a better understanding on this issue, and I cannot wait to see what you have learned on this trip!!

    here are some tips I found online that might help you :))

    Good luck!

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