Blog #2: What is Happening Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer Project Plan

The Impact that my Inquiry Question has:

This inquiry question will impact everyone either individually, locally, or even globally. It impacts individuals because it will allow others to seek out and learn how a serial killer becomes one or how they would seek for a victim. For example, I want to know how they would find a victim this way I can be safe as else as everyone else around. Since our world isn’t as safe as it seems. It would impact my community because it would allow others to acknowledge why they are who they are as well as be safe. It would also all others to learn what actually is happening inside their mind as they are doing their plan to kidnap someone or how they find and plan out who would be the next victim. For example, it will allow the people in our community to observe and seek out if there is anyone that has serial-killer-like symptoms or if they will seek out help right away if they see anyone that is going to get taken away. This question would impact globally because this would help everyone acknowledge and understand how a person could become a serial killer. Which they can start to prevent slowly if they find out how they can become one. This would also allow serial killers to know that they could seek out for help if they can’t stop. As well as know that people are there that are trying to understand them to slowly prevent any more harm or crimes like kidnapping from happening. For example, this would allow the 7.8 billion people in this world to get to know more about serial killers and to watch for them as well as acknowledge how they would choose their victims allowing everyone to be more cautious about what they do. Like walking on the sidewalk while being on your phone at night and not acknowledging that there could be a lot of harm or danger around them.

3 steps to my project that will lead to an answer to my inquiry question:

  1. How a person could become a serial killer.
  2. How to find out if someone is a serial killer
  3. How they think and feel about killing.

How a person could become a serial killer: I would like to use this as a base to get to know more about the inquiry question. I felt that this would help me achieve my answer because it is using a base to know how a person is a serial killer and how they can become one. As well as how they act around others or when they’re alone.

How they would describe themselves/comparing them to a normal person: For the third step I want to know how they would describe themselves as well as compare an average person to a serial killer. This is because it would allow us to seek the differences between a serial killer and an average person. I wanted to know how they think about themselves. How they would describe themselves when they think they are normal, and everyone isn’t. As well as if they know they are crazy and don’t know how to stop. This would help answer my inquiry question because it combines both the first and second step together. Which shows how they think of themselves and how we see them as a person.

How they think and feel about killing: The second step is to allow us to acknowledge how a serial killer feels when they either kidnapped or killed someone and as well as how they think as well as how they would plan out what they would do. I think that this would take a huge part to answering my inquiry question since their thinking and feeling is telling us what goes on in their mind.

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6 Replies to “Blog #2: What is Happening Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer Project Plan”

  1. Hi, Stella!
    Your topic sounds awesome! I have never really thought about that, but I have always wondered why there are people that do not care about human lives. A serial killer could have many reasons to murder, among them: vengeance, the loss of significant family members, a past love, and many more. It does not justify their acts, but a lot of them have mental illnesses that make them not think straight at the moment they are doing something that is not right. Your research can explore many aspects more and try to understand their motives.
    I am looking forward to knowing more about your next posts
    Good luck!


  2. Hello Estella,
    Your inquiry question piqued my interest, and I’m now eager to learn more about the thoughts and feelings of a serial killer. Your research points are well-organized, and it was a brilliant idea to include the step on determining if someone is a serial killer. Considering that many serial killers suffer from mental illnesses, can play a significant role on how they act and if they murder someone then the jury has to look into that factor. As a result, when they do something bad, they don’t fully comprehend what they’ve done and why it’s bad.

    I can’t wait to follow you along with your research and learn some new things. Good luck!

    Mahdiya A.

  3. Hi Estella,
    This topic sounds phenomenal! I myself happen to be very interested in psychology and look forward to finding out what the results of your research and thoughts are on the topic.

  4. Hello Estella,
    Your project seems very interesting to me, as I always wondered the difference between a Serial Killer and a normal person. Most people would think there is much difference between a serial killer and a normal person, but I think not, everyone is born equal and pure, there must be some changes that have changed the Serial killer, making them a serial killer.
    here is some website that I think might can help you with your research.,as%20dyslexia%20(Moesch%201998).

  5. Hey Estella!
    This looks so interesting! I’m so excited to read your posts, they all look so detailed. Thank you for providing such a specific breakdown of the topics you’re going to cover. It’s a good idea to educate people on how a seriel killer’s mind work so we could avoid falling into their traps.
    I’ll look forward to your posts!

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