Blog #2: Project Plan – “Are humans becoming over-dependent on technology?”

Hello everyone!

My inquiry question is: Are humans becoming over-dependent on technology?

My first round of research will comprise topics about why our society has become too reliable on technology in the first place as well as including signs that indicates a plentiful amount of dependence which has taken over someone on technology. I will include supporting ideas such as the causes, how it developed and etc. I chose this question for my first research as it facilitates readers to understand better what my main question is talking about. I think this question is the best to comprehend the basic knowledge before explaining the answer to my question. It will be beneficial for me as it describes how it made us become reliable before so that I can compare the data of evolution now, on what has changed and not.

In my second round of research, I will provide pros and cons of technology dependence. This will help me achieve enough information to make people understand that there are also advantages and disadvantages about using technologies. Concerning the dangers and risks to aware the society more, it will also look at the goods and convenience not to completely discard technology.

Finally, on my third round of research, I will look deeply on what the outcomes/results will be and how it would impact us if technology had never existed. This question has fascinated me because I have been curious on what our society would look like if technology had not been invented in the olden days. This thought will help me become a part of my answer for the original question because it would make the people reflect on the greater aspects if they were not addicted from the past. Even though, I can not argue that without technologies our world would have become superior than today.

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Implications to other individuals/or my community:

This research question will have implications to people and in the community as this can help one another to make the world a healthy environment by solving our mistakes globally. It can also assist the community to acknowledge the problem so that we can be capable of evolving our surrounding into a finer habitat whether it’s mentally and physically. This topic will enlighten people how our new world would be like without technologies.

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  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I find your inquiry to be interesting, and I’m glad you’re doing it. Since a long time ago, I’ve been wondering if technology is controlling us, or inversely. Your inquiry has a lot to dig, and so far, you have done it very well.
    Good luck 🙂
    Daniela Z.

  2. Hi tiffany!

    Your inquiry project is a question that I have been wondering as well but didn’t have time to research anything about it. I have noticed that the new generations and more to come are getting technology so early in their age and are watching it a lot. While they’re eating, playing toys, etc. I love how you will reserach the pros and cons of technology and how we would depend on it a lot sometimes especially google translate when doing a language class. I hope to learn more about the outcomes of being very dependent on it and learn more of the cons to allow me to know that I should get off my phone more in the future.


  3. Hi Tiffany,
    your inquiry question is so interesting! Technology is a huge part of everyone’s lives, but sometimes it can cause negative impacts to humanity. The other day, I was talking with my English teacher and we both agreed that people depend on technology way too much. Nowadays, if you’re taking a walk outside, you can see many people with their eyes glued to their phones, not even knowing how to say a simple “hello” or make eye contact with you. I think you should also talk about how parents should limit their child’s screen time. I find that sometime parents give their children extra screen time as a means to distract them so the parents can have peace and quiet. I really hope this helps and I would love to see you deepen your research in the future!

  4. Hi Tiffany,
    I think the reasons for your research are very detailed! I can relate to this question so much, I feel that I overuse my phone and I need to check if there are any updates. I want to hear the cons of dependence on technology in the hope I’ll reduce my screen time. The dependence on technology has increased a lot, but how many people overuse technology?
    Can’t wait for the results!

  5. Hey Tiffany,
    this is such an interesting inquiry question! Sometimes I do find myself being too reliant on technology, especially my phone. I found your three research questions to be very well thought out. They relate well to your topic and will definitely help people better understand if humans are becoming over-dependent on technology.

    Here are some websites to help you further your research:

    I’m excited to hear more from you and good luck!

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