Blog #2: What Are the Dangers of Electronic Consumer Waste That We Must Consider Globally?

Step 1) What is E-waste (electronic and electrical waste)? What are the different types of E-waste? Are there any major/minor ones? 

Finding out what the definition and the different types of E-waste would allow us to understand some background information about this topic, and begin an introduction to the question.

Step 2) How does E-waste endanger animals, humans, and the environment? Specifically, does E-waste affect children, teenagers, adults, and seniors differently?

This question is directly regarding to the inquiry question. In what ways and aspects do consumer electronic waste bring negative influences? This step will allow us to get a deeper understanding of how E-waste endangers our living world.

Step 3) What can we do to reduce/alleviate this problem? What solutions are already in progress, and what solutions are waiting to be put in action?

After researching on E-waste and the dangers we must consider globally, this step allows us to become aware of what we can do to help alleviate this issue.

5 valid sources that might be useful:


How will this question have implications to other individuals and/or the community?

One reason why there is such a big surge of interest on E-waste is because it prominently affects humans from many aspects. As the society advances, this issue becomes broader and leads to more serious consequences; therefore, it is important that we begin to educate ourselves, educate others, and take actions to help alleviate this on-going problem.

Living in 2021, almost everyone has at least 1 type of electronic equipment. Specifically speaking of phones: research has shown that on average, people change their phones every 2 years. With 7.9 billion people in the world, E-waste produced in just this aspect would be enormous.

E-waste causes many issues; for example, it pollutes air, water, and soil. These basic living conditions directly affect humans, animals, and the environment. It brings many negative effects like health issues, environmental pollution, and poor food and living condition for animals. When individuals are effected, they influence the others around them, causing a transformation in the community. Other times, the entire community is directly affected due to a major environmental change. Studying this question will spread awareness and educate us about electric consumer waste, encouraging us to take actions to improve and maintain a healthy world.

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