Blog #2: Project Plan – What Affects Emotional Quotient?

“What affects emotional quotient?”

Planned three steps of research:

(1) Basic knowledge of emotional quotient

  • What is emotional quotient?
  • What is the difference between emotional quotient and intelligence quotient?
  • Why is emotional quotient important?

(2) Effects of emotional quotient

  • What does having low emotional quotient look like and lead to?
  • What does having high emotional quotient look like and lead to?
  • Compare high and low emotional quotient, which one is better and why?

(3) What effects emotional quotient?

  • Do negative experiences affect emotional quotient? How so?
  • Do positive experiences affect emotional quotient? How so?
  • Compare negative and positive experiences, is there a specific experience that affects emotional quotient more? Why or why not?

Sources that I might use:


How will this question implicate other individuals and/or my community?

This question will provide other individuals, and/or my community, knowledge about emotional quotient and how it is affected. This will also explain why emotional intelligence is important, and how our world could be a better place if we focus on the positive in all things. I hope that my research will inspire people into caring more about their mental health and how their emotional state affects other people around them.

2 Replies to “Blog #2: Project Plan – What Affects Emotional Quotient?”

  1. Hi Karen, this is such an interesting topic! Emotional quotient is something in relation to everyone, so I think it will be very useful and to learn more about this area.

    I noticed that you are going to research about the effects of and what affects emotional quotient. I am really looking forward to your answers on these two topics; I think they will be very diverting, and will directly connect with many of us in real life.

    One idea that I think may be interesting to expand on is the positive and negative impacts of being emotionally intelligent. I feel like many people are already aware of the importance of EQ in various aspects of life, but the downsides of high EQ remains unexplored. There is a downside to every human trait, I think it would be interesting to explore some of the less favourable sides of high EQ.

    Good luck!

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