Blog Post #2- How Close are we to Finding a Cure for any Mental Illnesses?

Hello everyone, my question is…

How close are we to finding a cure for any mental illnesses?

My goal with my inquiry is to better understand where treatments and cures stand for mental illnesses. I was shocked when I first found out that there are no cures for any mental illnesses. Currently there are no cures but, I would like to find out if in the future this is a possible scientific accomplishment.

The individual impacts of this question include my connection to the mental health world from my mother. I became curious of this question because of my mother; she is a psychiatric nurse. The work she deals with can be very upsetting. It often leads me to this question because I want to find a way to solve the issues. She has told me in the past how treatments are the best solution but, I’ve always wished there was more. Maybe in the future there will be.

Next, knowing that there is a chance that in the future mental illnesses can be cured the same as some physical diseases is a comforting idea for everyone working in the mental health field and the people dealing with the illnesses themselves. The local impacts of this question could be the hopeful affect it would have on people who struggle with mental illnesses and are tired of regular medication/injections/treatments. It could also help mental health workers in Vancouver stay motivated, knowing that there will be more developments in the field, in their pursuit to help their patients.

Lastly, this question could globally possibly spark more interest in the research of cures for mental illnesses. Talking about this issue will mean there is a higher chance scientists will try to find cures if they find it to be a memorable topic. This question could interest the public to raise funding for said research. The money could bring any prospects for a cure to life.

Research Round Questions

  1. What are the types of mental illnesses and how are they developed?

This first question will help me with my inquiry because I first need to understand the scope of illnesses because the subject is very broad. If I can differentiate the types, I can be specific in my future rounds of research. Also, if I can explain how the illnesses are developed, I will understand why treatments/cures work against the illnesses.

  1. What are the known treatments and recent developments for environmental (trauma induced, brain injury induced, and drug induced) and genetic illnesses?

This second question will prove helpful because there currently aren’t any cures so, treatments are the standard solution to mental illnesses. By knowing what treatments are available, I can judge how effective they are and in turn how much potential is has to become a cure.

  1. Are any scientists working towards cures; if so how close are they?


My last question will help me because I can see if there is anyone trying to find a cure. If there is then this person/ these people are asking the same inquiry question that I am and might have the best answer for me.



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3 Replies to “Blog Post #2- How Close are we to Finding a Cure for any Mental Illnesses?”

  1. Hey, Shieva! How are you doing so far? Due to the covid-19 pandemic all over the world, people have developed a lack of social relationships between family and friends. Mental illnesses have always existed, but we have scarcely noticed them, besides they did not always have an impact as they do now. I have always known that there is not a specific cure yet, but there are treatments. Despite our high expectations, even in tv shows, I have seen that maybe along as science enhance, there will be operations to treat mental illnesses starting with the brain since it is the most important organ in all our human body and has the capacity to control it all. Even though it has not been invented yet, there are amazing apps that control if our well-being is good, the symptoms, and the experiences that can help us to track any dangerous sign of this illness.

    Some sources perhaps may be useful:
    Four Ways Technology is Helping Mental Health (
    Good luck!

  2. Hey Shieva,
    Geat inquiry! There are so many mental illnesses without cures and some without even medication to help. The work your mother does is extremely important and it is great that you were inspired by her. Around the world, millions of people are affected by various mental illnesses as well as the those who are affected second-hand. Yet, I have never heard of an advancement on any cures. A cure for any one type of mental illness is progress that would greatly benefit so many people. I am excited to hear what your research brings to light.

    Chantal M.

  3. Hi Shieva!

    I like how your inquiry question is about how close we are to finding a cure for mental illness. I agree with you. I want to also find out how close we are to a cure due to so many young students from highschoolers and older are suicidal due to not being able to have a cure for mental illnesses or is not able to get help.
    I hope this link will help you to achieve an answer to your question.

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