Blog post #1 action volunteering at the dog rescue

1. For my action project I am volunteering at Dogway rescue Society

2. I picked this because I’ve been working for dog way for the last almost 4 years and I’m very passionate about animal rescue and teaching people about the corrupt shelter system. Not a lot of people know how these dogs are treated in high kill shelters in America so I wanted to do my project on this not only because it’s what I love doing but to educate to so that people don’t go out supporting irresponsible breeders contributing to the overcrowded shelters!!! This topic is very important to me because my own personal dog was rescued from a high kill shelter if you stick along to see my project to the end you’ll see a lot of him!!! 😊

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  1. Hey Stella, I really love your action project! As a self-proclaimed dog and cat lover, it really cheers me up when I hear of stories where people have gone out of their way to prevent harm and/or death from one or more of these animals. On top of this, because I am in my second year of Paws for a Cause (school club that fundraises for a cat sanctuary), I find your action project very relatable and feel quite connected to it and its goal. I look forward to reading your future updates!

    • Omg we have worked with paws for a cause before, that’s so cool. That’s awesome to know that someone can relate. Cant wait to talk more!!! 😊

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