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My inquiry question is ‘how does the media affect the way that we think?‘.

I chose this question because I recently watched a youtube video by Mina Le where she talks on how the media can affect our self worth. One of my teachers also showed me the class a video where a man told his experiences on how underrepresented he felt in french media. He had to learn how to understand english in order to watch media which included resembled himself. These videos led me to the question of ‘how does the media affect the way that we think?’. As someone who consumes a lot of media daily, I thought it would help me better understand the media I consume and how it can affect others differently, negatively and positively.

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  1. Hello Aleah,

    I think that your question is a topic that is very controversial as it is relatable to our society and individuals when it comes to using social medias, internet and etc. It is quite miserable to perceive that we change our own perspectives and outlook on life either positively or negatively caused by such social medias influences for an example. It can really impact our opinions and self-esteem when using social medias. I am surely interested on your responses as I also use medias on a daily basis which needs to be reduced. One tip I have for you which will enhance finding a better and clear answer is to alter your question to be more direct and specific as Chantal also mentioned. However, I look forward to it very much!


  2. Hi Aleah,

    I think your question is very topical one! I mentioned before how I previously did a project on how celebrities affect the world and how it would look without them. I think like my question, yours can also be asked in a similar way if you wanted. So maybe for one of your research rounds, probably the last one), you can ask how different our lives would be without social media and if that is a positive or negative thing. I also mentioned how Instagram removed their like count on their posts to see if that would help teens stop focusing on the numbers so much. That might be interesting to you. There is another Facebook scandal as well that summed up is about how Facebook pushes hateful content knowingly because It makes them money. If you were asking how it affects the way you think, that scandal would raise questions like “are we more hateful because of the content we consume?”

    I will link to some of the articles I mentioned,the%20social%20media%20giant%20said.&text=giving%20people%20more%20control%20over,Adam%20Mosseri%20told%20the%20BBC.

    Good luck!

  3. Hey Aleah, cool topic! I find your inquiry question super relevant and interesting for our generation in particular. As a generation that has grown up with social media, understanding how social media has impacted our thinking patterns would be an exceptionally intriguing topic for us to learn about. Having done a similar inquiry project to yours in the past (“How does social media affect society and how we communicate?”), I am looking forward to seeing in which direction you choose to take your research!

    Some resources you may find useful are:,way%20we%20think%20and%20behave.&text=This%20is%20easier%20than%20ever,the%20service%20on%20their%20mobile.

  4. Hi Aleah,
    I think this is a very interesting topic and one that now a days must have so many different studies and perspectives to look at, as it is so prevalent in today’s society. I think it would also be intriguing to add on to your question and be a bit more specific, because “how we think” may be slightly vague. I would suggest answering things like; how media affects mental health directly, or how it influences opinions socially and politically. No matter what you focus on, I look forward to reading it because as you said we consume so much media daily and I am very interested in the psychological aspect of it. Good luck with your research!

    Here is a link that I found that could possibly help you:

    Chantal M.

  5. Hey Aleah! I think this topic would be very informative and educational. I personally think that spending too much time on social media will have a significant impact our mental health.

    Here are some useful links, I look forward to your posts!!

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