About me- Sydney Menard

Hello my name is Sydney! I am in grade 9. I went to Ranch park elementary and then Hillcrest Middle school. I play A1 Female Ice hockey for the Tri-City Predators. I also play soccer for Coquitlam Metro Ford. I enjoy working out, listening to music, doing crafts and spending time with family and friends! My favourite book is “We were liars”, my favourite song is “Lose yourself”-Eminem, and my favourite movie is “Mamma Mia”! I love going camping and to my cabin on Pitt lake with friends and family. It is a blast! Now that I am in High School things are a lot different but am really enjoying this school year so far. I love P.E it is my favourite class of the day! I also really love Foods class because I love baking and cooking! I am excited to see how the rest of the year turns out!

I wanted to join social responsibility because it really called out to me ever since the day that I heard of it! I thought this was a great opportunity to help people from my community and from other places around the world. Which is awesome and I am super happy I can be apart of this!


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  1. Hey Sydney, welcome to Charles Best! It was super cool reading your post and learning a bit about you; it’s no surprise that your favourite class is PE, you are such an active person! While I can’t make very many connections with you because I don’t really enjoy camping, soccer, or hockey, I do respect your ambition and work ethic. I also have one question for you: Do you plan on continuing hockey into university/college (i.e. scholarship)?

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