Why are certain countries wealthier than others?

Round 1 of research

Question: Why are certain Countries wealthier than others? 

Topic: What makes Singapore one of the wealthiest countries?




-Singapore exports oil and gas to East Aisian countries. 

– Singapore went from a third world country to a first world country when they got a good leader Lee Kuan Yew.

– Singapore has low tax rates and a lot of tax exemptions.

–  They have favorable immigration laws.

– They have changed their ways to be more efficient and helpful to set up new businesses.

-They have a party called the “people’s action party” for major center rights in singapore this has helped since 1954 it has done really well in the political system.

– Singapore has something called the master plan that keeps Singapore’s development in line and is reviewed every 5 years. 


Justification- This website is reliable because it tells you that it’s an edited version of the blog Asianpolyglotview. The person who wrote this Joon Young Kwon has a masters degree in internal economics and finance. They have provided a really good range of information with no intention to distract me with bias and helped me find the right information I needed to complete this project.




-Singapore has housing development policies and a housing board to help their people get into planned housing and out of the slums

– Singapore has advanced technological infrastructures which made them a hub for a lot of international companies.


Justification- This website is reliable because It has no bias or anything to pull me away from the research I need. They gave me the person who wrote the blog Mihai Cristea. And at the end they have other stories from the news anchor that are related to my topic.


Next round: What makes Zimbabwe a poor country?

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  1. Hi Kylie,
    I find your inquiry question to be very intriguing. I’m excited to learn about each country’s financial situation. It would also be interesting if you made a “Top 10” list of the richest and poorest countries, and then talked about the poverty rates in the low-income countries. I can’t wait to see the finished product because this particular topic is very fascinating to me. Good luck!

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