Blog #1: Inquiry post

My Inquiry question is, “How do we develop phobias?”

As that question explains, my topic this semester is based on phobias and how we develop phobias. I personally have Cynophobia which is the fear of dogs. I have always wondered why people fear situations or things when to others those bring them joy? I want to research and deeply understand where phobias come from because of how it affects most of our world.

I want to be able to tell others that phobias are real and how someone should not be making fun of another person just because of what they fear. This topic is dear to my heart because every time I tell someone I am scared of dogs and I don’t like them, they either start laughing or questioning how this could be real.

I am looking forward to sharing my research with you and I hope we all learn a little more about phobias and how they affect us today.

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  1. Hello Anannya! The moment I saw this post I immediately became very interested in it! I too have Cynophobia as well as Arachnophobia and I have always wondered why, because as you say some enjoy having dogs around while others not so much. Because I am so curious to how phobias forms I will be following your research, so best of luck!

    • Hey Negar! It’s so great to know you will be able to relate to me as I research more on this topic! I really hope I can research and find some information on this topic and let you in on it as well!! Best of luck to you too <3

  2. This is so cool. I have severe claustrophobia and I’m super exited to hear more about how I developed it. This is such an interesting topic. I cant wait!!! 😊

    • Hey Stella!! I can’t wait to tell you some more on claustrophobia and I completely agree on this being such an interesting topic. It is such a vast one and there is soo much to learn!!

  3. Hi Anannya!

    I think this is such an interesting and unique research question. I personally have arachnophobia which is much more common than cynophobia, and I’m really curious to learn more about how we develop phobias. I’m looking forward to reading your future posts, good luck!

    • Hey Shaila! Thank you soo very much! I have heard quite a lot about Arachnophobia and hope to research more in depth on where all these various phobias come from. I look forward to sharing my research with you <33

  4. Hi Anannya,
    This is such an interesting topic. I also have some phobias and think it would be insightful to know more about why I have these irrational fears. I’m sorry people laugh when you say you have cynophobia, I also get made fun of when I say I have arachnophobia. That’s why I’m so glad you are researching about this and trying to show that people should not make fun of another person due to what they fear. I suggest that you research very common phobias; for example, arachnophobia (fear of spiders) or acrophobia (fear of heights), because I think it would be interesting to find out why these fears, in particular, are more common than others.

    Here are some links about common phobias and their effects:

    Good luck with your project and I’m excited to see more of your posts!

    • Hey Itzel! That is soo sweet of you and I am sorry people laugh when you tell them about your arachnophobia πŸ™ When it comes to phobias they are here and we can’t necessarily control them unless we deeply look into them. Through this project that is one of my main goals and I really hope I can accomplish it!!

      Thank you very much for the links. I will look into them for sure and will provide you with information I think might help your project as well! πŸ™‚

  5. Hello Anannya,

    I am also researching a question regarding mental illness/disorders. Hopefully, as we do our research we can help each other out! I think it’s great that your question has such a personal connection to you. Before reading this I didn’t know the name for the phobia of dogs. That is upsetting that people don’t believe that you have Cynophobia. I hope that by researching phobias you can prove to them that phobias are real! I recommend for at least one of your posts, that you look into what makes people think phobias aren’t real.

    Here are some links relating to the misinformation of phobias

    Good luck!

    • Hey Shieva! It’s so great to know we can help each other out because of our topics relating in a way! I really hope I can let others know how real phobias are. I will for sure write about why people think phobias aren’t real because I think some of us who do have phobias would benefit from knowing why.

      Thank you soo much for providing me with the links! I will check them out for sure and let you in on any information I think might help you as well!!

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