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Hi I’m Stella and some things about me are that, I have been working for Dogway rescue society  in mission BC for the last almost 4 years and I have fostered 4 dogs so far. I also work for a horse rescue in Squamish BC where I lease a horse named Murphy. In my 4 years at Dogway I have had the pleasure of transforming 4 previously abused and neglected dogs into loving pups living in their forever homes and that’s what I’m hoping to show for my action project. Cant wait to get to know all of u this year 😊.

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  1. hi stella!!

    I can’t believe we almost have the same name! I love your story about how you rescue dogs that have neglected and abused. I see all those types of videos where people help dogs out on youtube and now I can’t believe I found someone close to my age doing it. Its amazing how you are able to take care of so many dogs. I can’t wait for your action post! I hope we get to meet someday. Please do feel proud about yourself doing this.

    • Oh my gosh thank u so much this comment made my day. If your interested u should look around for local shelters in your community and ask to volunteer it’s truly amazing I so hope I can meet u some day 😊

  2. Hi Stella, I love your amazing story about how you have worked at a dog and horse rescue for four years now. I personally love all sorts of animals and I have always dreamed of helping animals in need. I think your idea for your action project awesome and it includes what you love most. The dogs must be so lucky to have you to care for them. I would love to get to meet you in person one day!

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