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How do technologies has helped us through the pandemic?

First of all, I found pretty important how technology has supported us in our daily living in these uncertain times. In fact, since covid-19 has arrived, and the virus spread was out of our reach, and we couldn’t control it; we have been challenged to quickly adapt ourselves.

Technologies had improved online shopping and robotic deliveries; people have been obliged to do their daily shopping through online platforms and websites instead of picking up for themselves. In addition, robots have been used as means to deliver purchases without making any contact with people. Moreover, the new measure has been implanted like contactless payments is a new digital method which is required by customers to make online purchases and business. Furthermore, Remote working: Thanks to new applications and networks, it has been possible to continue with virtual meetings, share documents, and constant communication among workers. Distance learning: Virtual reality and artificial intelligence had allowed students to continue their learnings besides courses online that had shown effective responses on them and finally 3D Printing has allowed printed masks have been really effective in reducing virus exposure and may be worn as an alternative to surgical type masks.

Coronavirus pandemic is a tech-opener for organisations - The Economic Times

I am looking forward to knowing more about this stuff.

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  1. Hey Andrea,

    Taking on this topic this semester interests me greatly, and I think it will help many people. Indeed, technology is often viewed as an opponent against humanity, but we can use it to our advantage as well. Technology has saved many lives and brought families together. This question also has many questions on it, and the topic is broad.
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    Good luck 🙂

  2. Hey Andrea, you’ve chosen a super interesting topic! Are you a tech person? As a person who really enjoys keeping up with tech news and staying up to date with all the new tech innovations, even I haven’t used as much tech as I do now, and it’s all to do with COVID. We now use more Microsoft Teams than we have ever used before, more OneNote, more Word. If we look back at how our schooling and daily lives have changed due to this technological push, we will see massive shifts in our behaviour. More Instagram, more WhatsApp, more FaceTime. Also, as you mentioned in your post, many workplaces would have been forced to shut down if not for the tech that allowed remote work to flourish. Great stuff! I am looking forward to reading your future posts!

    A question I have for you: Do you think that this increase in tech use will disappear once the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us?

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