Blog Post #1-Story Project

The story subject I have chosen to address is gender inequality. I am still deciding on the names of the main and side character, however I know what I want the storyline to be about. I have decided to more specifically to study and address sexual abuse cases that have been dismissed. I chose this subject because it both interested me and enraged me to see and hear about the amount of men, women, and children, whose cases have been overlooked and dismissed. My idea for the story will start off with a child, that is being sexually abused by someone, and their struggle to break of their abuser’s control with their friends’ help. I hope that this story opens up the minds of its readers, and reminds them not to judge other based on what they assume.

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  1. Hey Alexia! I’m really excited to read your story! Gender inequality is such a important topic and I’m glad you’re delivering the message though a story! We should never judge anyone based on what they look or act like. We never know what they’re going through. Thank you for choosing to write a story on this.
    I look forward to reading it!

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