Blog #1: Inquiry Question

My inquiry question for this year is “What is happening inside a mind of a serial killer”.

The reason why I chose this as my question is because we hear about these crazy stories on the news about them. I also want to know why they became a serial killer, as well as what goes on in their minds as they kill innocent people and how they feel doing so. I would also like to know if they were born as a serial killer or was made into becoming one.

I thought this was an interesting topic to know about because I am recently watching these documentaries about them and what they did during their lifetime as one. The recent documentary that I watched was about Ted Bundy. I wanted to know more why he wanted to kill innocent people and what is going on inside his mind as he kills them. I wanted to know more why there are people who become one and why killing people satisfies them.

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  1. Hello Estella,

    Your question is perfect for October! It is jarring to think that serial killers commit murders and they don’t feel much guilt or see the problem with what they are doing. You should look into nature vs. nurture for the part of your question about being born a serial killer or if you are affected by your environment. It might also be useful to look into how to identify a serial killer and maybe even myths about them if you’re interested. After watching true crime documentaries I usually see a trend of abuse/ trauma as the serial killer’s backstory and their motives are usually vengeful but, as people are all different I’m excited to see what you find about them!

    Here are some hopefully helpful links

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Estella!
    This is such an interesting topic! I love true crime documentaries too and I’m so excited to see what you’re going to write about! You could look into the minds of serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, aileen wuornos, the zodiac killer etc, and you could also study the difference between a female serial killer and a male serial killer. I look forward to your project!!

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