Blog #1 – Inquiry Question

My Inquiry Question is…..What Causes Humans to lie?

This topic interested me because humans lie all the time. That is a fact everyone knows, but why people do it is simply unanswered. Though there are scientific reasons to why it happens, how can one simply lie? A lie can be life-changing or very small but it is still a lie. I am also interested in researching why it is easy for some people to lie while others will break under pressure/stress and reveal the truth. Moreover, why does lying need to be an idea in the human mind, what is so negative about the truth that one must cover it up. I also want to learn the history about why lying has become such a negative idea in the world. These are the main reasons/thoughts that motivated me to research this inquiry question.


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  1. Hi Negar, “What Causes Human to Lie” is such an interesting topic! Honestly, lies are part of everyone’s lives, whether you are the one making or receiving the lies, it has become so mixed-in within our daily lives; often people don’t take the time to think more about this behaviour. One of your points really sparked up my interest, why has lying become such a negative idea in the world? When and why are lies positive or negative; what determines a lie’s goodness? White lies? Your blog post really made me curious about this topic, I look forward to your future blog posts!

  2. Hi Negar, I just read your blog post about your inquiry question and it interested me so much. I also really want to find out what makes someone honest and what makes someone dishonest. I feel like some people naturally feel very guilty after telling a lie, while other people can tell ten lies a day without thinking about it again. I am very interested to see how your inquiry project would turn out and what you discover through research.
    Good Luck!

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