Blog #1: Inquiry Project

My inquiry question for this semester is: What are the dangers of consumer electronic waste that we must consider globally?

I chose this question because I think it is one of the globally influential issues that is becoming more serious day by day. Different types of electronic devices have made our lives so much more convenient and interesting in many ways. Thinking about this question, I realize that I do not know anyone around me who does not own a phone or computer – teenagers, adults, elderly, almost everyone has an electronic device. Over centuries, people have been working on upgrading and inventing new technologies to make our lives better, and they have. Our society has now transformed to a new phase compared to before, where new opportunities with mobility, safety, and connectivity opened up, new ways of entertainment, greeting others, and travelling, better access to food, healthcare, and many more. However, along the positive side comes the negative side. With all the better things technology brings to us, the down side is that is raises concerns about air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, information security, the toxic components that are dangerous to human health, etc. This is why we should take notice of this rising issue because it not only impacts our daily lives, but also the future generation of the Earth.

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  1. Hi Jade,
    Wow, this is such an interesting topic and I’m excited to read more of your posts soon! After reading your post I realized that I also don’t know a single person who doesn’t have an electronic device like a smartphone or a laptop. Most of these people get new smartphones or devices every couple of years, so it really makes me think of how much electronic waste we are producing. I suggest you research specifically how much it affects the environment and our wildlife, instead of how it affects just us humans.

    Here are some links to help you further your research on how it affects our wildlife:

    Good luck and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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