Step 1 action post: Values Activity & Aligning this with Global Millennium Goals

After taking the values quiz I found out that my 3 most important values are: compassion, justice, and pleasure and my 3 least important values are: helping, spiritual growth, and risk.

I somewhat agree with these results. I do agree fully with my top 3 most important values because I try my best to fulfill those in my daily life; however, I don’t agree with helping to be one of my least important values. Therefore, I don’t think these statements are good descriptions of values because if they were, I believe that helping would have been in my top 3 most important values. In my opinion, there aren’t any values missing from this activity. To me, compassion means being understanding of what others are going through and helping them. Justice means that everyone is being treated fairly/equally no matter what. Pleasure means being able to do something that makes you happy.

My friend was going through a lot and was getting stressed about it and on top of that, she was getting even more stressed because of school. I used compassion to understand how she was feeling and tried to help her by suggesting ways for her to get homework done and invited her on a day out to clear her mind for a bit. As a result, she became less stressed, got more schoolwork done, and overall felt a little bit better about her situation.

Value: justice  Future situation: Your friend is being treated differently because of the color of their skin. Action: You stand up to the person treating them differently, and make sure they get justice by being treated the same as everyone else.

After viewing the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development goals, I believe reduced inequalities align with my 3 core values the most because I have compassion for those who have inequalities and I would like them to get justice and as a result, people who get reduced inequalities can experience more pleasure. Yet, I have decided to focus on the Life below water goal. I chose this goal because we have so many different types of species living in our ocean, but we are polluting their habitats and making it hard for them to live; for example, animals can mistake the garbage for food or get trapped or injured because of the garbage. To solve this problem I want to do several ocean cleanups to prevent more trash from going into our oceans and affecting marine life’s habitat.

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  1. Hey Itzel, this is such a meaningful topic! I agree with your on your opinion on compassion, justice, and pleasure. Through some research, I found out that Life Below Water is actually a big project that is going on around the world. As our society advances, many of human waste go to the oceans, seas, and marine resources on Earth; however, healthy oceans and sees are essential to human existence, therefore, action must be done towards this issue, like eliminating pollution and over fishing. Though said, these issues cannot be solved over night, we must take it one step at a time, and that’s why I think your project is so meaningful! I really look forward to your future blog posts, good luck!

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