Blog #1: Inquiry Project – What Affects Emotional Quotient?

My inquiry question for this semester is “what affects emotional intelligence?”

I decided to pick this question because I am interested in psychology and how the brain processes and stores information. Especially for emotional intelligence, I am thinking of researching about how the brain stores memories and how it learns to react to certain instances. For example, if someone complimented you, how would you feel? The majority of people would say that they would feel pleased to hear this, but what if you didn’t feel happy ? I wonder what the minority of people have experienced in order to think of a compliment this way, which is why I have decided to research in this subject area.

I also might want to research on how your environment affects emotional intelligence too. I’m guessing that parents, or the people around you might affect your emotional quotient, but I am still unsure on whether or not this is true.

I hope I can educate people about how emotional intelligence affects us.

Karen Zoulau

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