Blog Post #1- Inquiry Project

Hello everyone!

My question is…How close are we to finding a cure for any mental illnesses?

My goal with my inquiry is to better understand where treatments and cures stand for mental illnesses. I was shocked when I first found out that there are no cures for any mental illnesses. I feel like physical diseases have more sympathy attached to them but mental illnesses have a certain stigma associated with them because they cannot be cured and are seen as the person’s choice in behavior. A lot of people with mental illnesses like psychosis become manic and don’t want to take their medication or to be taken to a hospital to get their medication injected. If there was a cure these people wouldn’t have to commit to medicine long-term and their recovery would be much smoother. Currently, there are no cures but, I would like to find out if in the future this is a possible scientific accomplishment. It would be amazing to know that there is going to be developed in the mental health field. I thought of this question because my mother works in mental health and has been able to observe new treatments with better success and longer-lasting effects. These developments are fairly big accomplishments and make me expect that somewhere in the future we will have more and more of these developments that will lead to a cure.

Thank you for reading,

Shieva Mokhtarnameh


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  1. Hi Shieva,
    If there was a cure for mental illness, I would want one for sure. Nowadays I think there’s many problems that cause lots of stress. I try feeling better by eating something sweet or watching Netflix, but it would definitely be nice if there was a cure. It would be interesting if you research if people are trying to produce a cure. I hope one day in the future there will be a cure for mental illness, good luck! Here’s a website I read that’s related to your inquiry topic:

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