About Me

Hey there! I’m Andrea, I am taking the 10’s grade at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School which the French Immersion Program is part of the school curricular. Currently, I am really enjoying both English and French program because it allows me to develop my language skills and sharing moments with my classmates. In fact, learning a language is challenging, it is best way which someone can figure out how they think, what are their mentalities and overall have a better understanding of theirs cultures. it is truly worth it.

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Besides, my favorite matters are mathematics and literature which I deem it would be very important because I develop plenty of skills to solving problems and in the relation to readings, I can build up my understanding capability all kind of books and can use them as support on other topics.

Furthermore, In my leisure time, I really love to listen to pop and rock music and occasionally I enjoy classic music. Likewise, I delight watching TV series like The Good Doctor, Lost in Space, and of course Netflix’s movies and documentaries about history, geography, space, technology, and ancient cultures.Conference: City and the Process of Transition – from Early Modern Times to  the Present - BSECS

I also would like to share with all of you, a person who I admire and respect a couple years ago, undeniably she’s one of the most recognized and inspirational women due to her indispensable role as associate Justice of the Supreme Court in North America and defender of family’s rights. She is Amy Coney Barrett.upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ca/Amy...

Finally, I crave to talk in my Inquiry Project about how the technology has taken a strong impact since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun. To coexist with it, and in order to comply with health measures it will be necessary to develop technology as a great source of support that help us during all this period or hard times to come.

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