About Me

My name is Julie Wang and I currently attend tenth grade at Charles Best Secondary School. I love doing gymnastics and I have been doing it for five years now. I also love acting and I have been in a couple of plays in the past. My family is Chinese and I speak Chinese to my family members. I have a ten-year-old sister and an eight-year-old brother, along with an adorable black-and-white cat. His name is Pete and I love him so much! At school, my favourite subject is English. I just love putting thoughts on paper and writing creative stories to entertain young children. I would say that I’m a pretty busy person, with over seven extracurricular activities weekly. I love attending Charles Best because I think the school is a great community where students can learn more about their interests. Although I have gotten used to going to high school by now, I always miss and think about my middle school and constantly ask my sister (who is in Grade 6 at middle school) about what is going on there. I really hope you enjoyed reading about my interests and have a nice day!

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