About Me!

Hello Everyone! I am Anannya Balachandran, a grade 9 student currently studying at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School, Coquitlam BC. I am 13 turning 14 and I moved to Canada in 2018. I was entering grade 6 when my parents told me that we were no longer going to be staying in India but Canada instead. In the beginning, I missed India and all I wanted to do was move back there. 3 years later, I could not ask for better friends, a nicer lifestyle, and a greater way of living because I would say, I have it all right now!

Some of my hobbies include playing the Ukulele, making new friends, baking, traveling, and capturing all those memories in any way I can. Something interesting about me that you would not guess if you were meeting me for the first time is that I am petrified of dogs. I don’t know where this fear comes from but what I do know is that it is here and is here to stay till I do something about it!

I believe this course will help me understand how to research deeper and understand a topic on a greater level. I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with new people and I hope you are too!

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