About me

Hello, my name is Kiara Chang and this is my first year at Dr. Charles Best Secondary school. I am in the French immersion program. My favourite subject is math, but I am enjoying PHE because we are going in our badminton unit. I am getting used to my school schedule now.

My goal in the future is to get in a business major. I want to have my own company even if it’s a small one. I want to get in a business major because the marketing world is very interesting to me. I know it’s not an easy path, but I want to take the challenge. Another reason why I want to do business is because mostly everyone in my family have done business and they live well.

I enjoy taking walks outside and watching k-dramas. I swim and I want to become a life guard for my part time job. I have not taken any life guard training classes yet, but I hope I can do it as fast as possible. I have two geckos and a snake. I have a big fear of snakes, but my brother has one.

I am excited for this course since I’ve never been motivated to join a course like this! I also want to help people in need. I can’t imagine not being able to have education. Thank you.


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