Blog Post #6 — Reflection (Patch Action Project)

Blog Post #6 – Reflection (Patch Action Project)

Address the following questions:

  • What challenges did you overcome throughout this action project? How did you go about overcoming these challenges?
    Throughout this action project, I found that my challenges, if any, were quite few because I looked forward to helping out the Create Change charity and attending the weekly leadership classes for 20 weeks. I found that something I had a bit of a struggle with was believing I could reach the fundraising goal. The E-D of Create Change encouraged us to not see the fundraising as an amount to ‘reach,’ but rather believe that, with the right mindset, meeting the goal becomes a more enjoyable process.

  • How did this action change the way you think?
    After having seen some videos of the girls in Ghana that our fundraising assists inspired me for both fundraising, and wanting to continue this work into the future. I am glad that I found Create Change because the work they do is both locally and globally impacting women and young girls’ educational opportunities, work on a diverse range of learning topics, and focus on long-term support with every amount they receive. This action changed the way I think about using what you already have to then take action. I feel as though the majority of us, when starting off a project, see it as a challenge or multiple steps to reach a certain goal, when really, we should find a general rhythm to work with and then put our energy into our journey. I can already see the difference in my first pitching presentation compared to the next (see attached PDFs), where the interest for what I was doing already evidently improved in the way I described Patch! 😮

Patch Pitching Presentation (1st)

Patch Pitching Presentation (2nd)

  • How did this investigation impact your future decisions?
    This action and investigation helped me on how to be a well-rounded leader for the world, and specifically for goals to help my interest in aiding educational disparities around the world. I believe this action project has truly changed the way I view and approach goals. I believe this action project has truly changed the way I view and approach goals. I remember the quote “Dreams don’t come true. Goals do” that we learned through one of the weekly classes in the Foundations module. Goals are individual missions, visions are the bigger picture. For my future decisions, I believe it is crucial to have both an overall vision and goals to help along the way. Goals lead to achievement, whereas our vision becomes our ‘why’ in life. Going into the future, I have realized the impact of goals and having a vision, as well as aligning them with your values in life. Values are fundamental beliefs which guide us between right and wrong, and our decisions in life. So, when it comes to your goals and vision for your life, I think it is important to ask yourself: ‘What is the life you see for yourself in the future?’

  • What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?
    I believe that with my teachings through partaking in the Create Change Social Change program, I present Patch with both local and global impact, in every aspect. Overall, I have learned that in order to best assist our communities and keep them engaged with your mission, it is important to provide for your target audience. By providing for your target audience and maintaining consistency, you allow people to feel connected to your work. My two largest teachings I could give to others both locally and globally is to have transparency in the work you do and having a mission statement that provides context as to why your project/app/service/product exists. I could re-explain what I had said in my pitching Package, but I think it can be best described in the images below (where I get into focusing on transparency for your audience and having reasoning behind what you do).

Thank you so much for the splendid feedback, I am so grateful and excited by all of the amazing work and research efforts on the Butterfly Effect platform! 😊

Patch Pitching Presentation (1st)

Patch Pitching Presentation (2nd)

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